Green Aventurine 7 Chakra Dowsing Pendulum

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In any confab about divination and its techniques, the dowsing pendulum is cited for sure. Why wouldn’t it? The way this handy tool has made it easy to master the art of divination is thankworthy. The pendulum is a new-age dowsing tool that has left behind the old-age dowsing rods. In our grand master course, pendulum dowsing is taught as a significant chapter.

What is a pendulum?

The pendulum is a pointed & weighted object with a string attached to it. This object could be made of a crystal, stone, wood, metal or any other object. Presently, crystal pendulums are in trend.

Are pendulums self-efficient?

This debatable topic requires mature understanding. The shape & formation of a pendulum are capable, but the dower/user is/needs to be more efficient than this tool. It is like a gadget that requires a command to work. Accurate dowsing transpires when the dowser knows how to use a dowsing pendulum.

How does a pendulum work?

The battery of the gadget called a dowsing pendulum is intuition & sixth sense. The pendulum is a receptor to higher knowledge or cosmic data. The universe corresponds differently with a spiritual being and guides him at every step. When a dowser appeals to the universe for a solution or answer, the universe duly answers him, and that answer is interpreted with the help of a dowsing pendulum. First, the data enters the higher chakras, then travels through the veins and reaches the tips of the fingers under which the chain of the pendulum is picked. Charged by this cosmic energy, the pendulum moves/gravitates to a specific direction which is your solution/answer.

Benefits of Green Aventurine 7 Chakra Dowsing Pendulum:

Super natural benefits:

  • Answers in yes or no
  • Detects ghosts
  • Hints good or bad
  • Detects evil energies
  • Finds the water under the earth
  • Finds the lost objects/people
Vastu benefits:
  • Detects the dull zone
  • Detects the stuck energy
  • Detects the negative energy
Healing benefits:
  • Detects the negative aura
  • Detects evil eye
  • Detects the allergies & diseases
  • Detects the blocked chakra(s)
How to use Green Aventurine 7 Chakra Dowsing Pendulum:

A dowsing pendulum is not a toy anyone can play with. To take work from a pendulum, there are certain rituals to be performed:

  • Acquire a pendulum you resonate well with.
  • Cleanse it with water, sound, sunlight, or fume.
  • Charge it with your own energy; for this, hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and let your energy and pendulum energy be one. You can also chant a mantra to charge your pendulum.
  • Give it the intent before each use.
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Dowsing Pendulum


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