Haldi or Turmeric is a virtuous herb. Its medicinal benefits are well-known, but in Hinduism, Haldi is considered auspicious and sacred. It is used in sacred rites, ceremonies like marriage, astrological remedies, worship, etc. Haldi Mala is the most auspicious Mala that grants all the physical, spiritual & material benefits. It is especially recommended to get fortunate.

Formation of Haldi Mala:
  • Haldi Mala is comprised of original Haldi beads.
  • The number of beads in the Haldi Mala is 108.
  • All the beads used in the Haldi Mala are 100% organic, original & authentic.
  • For beautification, a coloured fringe is joint at the bottom of the Haldi Mala.
Benefits of Haldi Mala:

The benefits of wearing a Haldi Mala are countless, yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It strengthens the planet Jupiter.
  • It attracts the blessings of Lord Krishna/Vishnu.
  • It is used in Mantras Chanting and Sadhna of Baglamukhi.
  • It adds power & charm to your personality.
  • For girls, it is an assured remedy to remove obstacles and delays in marriage.
  • It removes problems in pregnancy.
  • It helps in getting the desired husband and happy married life.
  • It reduces anxieties & tensions, thus, calming the mind.
  • It gives success & attitude of expansion.
  • It gets immense wealth, luxuries, success, and growth.
  • It makes you wise and decisive.
  • It gets success in education and helps to learn lessons quickly.
  • It gets success in astrology, numerology, consultancy, and other occult fields.
  • It invites auspicious ceremonies and omens.
  • It ensures growth on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.
  • It makes you an honoured person, hence, people listen to you and consider your opinions.
  • It makes you fortunate and supports you in all endeavours.
  • It makes you noble and keeps you away from vices.
  • It is a health booster that treats many diseases like jaundice, insect bites, fevers, cold & cough, bones, skin issues, depression, and other chronic diseases.
  • It helps in spiritual enlistment; it gets you quick results of chanting, remedies, fasting, and other spiritual practices.
How to Use Haldi Mala?
  • You may wear it around the neck or wrist.
  • You may use it as a rosary for Japa/chanting.
  • You may keep it in the worship room.
  • You may keep it in the purse or pocket.
  • You may keep it under the pillow or on the side of the bed.
What are the Rituals for Wearing Haldi Mala – How to Energize Haldi Mala?
  • In the morning, take a bath and wear clean clothes.
  • Take the Haldi Mala in your hands and chant any Ganesh, Vishnu or Jupiter Mantra at least 11 times or as per your capacity.
  • Wear the Haldi Mala – prefer to wear it on an auspicious day or Thursday.
Preventions for Haldi Mala:
  • Remove it before sleeping.
  • Remove it before taking a bath.

Mala may contain 101-110 beads.






Female, Male, Unisex






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5 reviews for Haldi Mala

  1. Ekam Mahajan (verified owner)

    It helped me strengthen my Jupiter and removes obstacles in my marriage. Thanks a lottttttttt

  2. Keval Krishan Parekh (verified owner)

    It improved my financial condition and personality. I hold a different position in society than before.

  3. Ayansh Khurana (verified owner)

    If worn with faith, it has the power to change life as a whole.

  4. Lalita Ghai (verified owner)

    There is no better way to please lord Jupiter, this Mala is so pious and result-oriented.

  5. Priyasi Ram Khanna (verified owner)

    It is a boon for married life. Girls must wear it. Tested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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