What all is included in “Numerology Name Suggestion Report – Platinum Plan”?

1) Birth Date & Day Analysis

  • Numerological Personality
  • Roles/Profession Best Suited to you
  • Diseases Prone
  • Relationships
  • Analysis as per Birth Date
  • Analysis as per month
  • Analysis as per Origin Number

2) Name Analysis

  • Nameology Prediction Based On Name
  • Ist Name alphabet meaning

3) Life Pattern

  • Influence of Numbers

4) Challenging Numbers

  • Challenging Numbers & Remedies

5) Numerology Yogas

  • Positive Yogas
  • Small Yogas

6) Future Trends

  • Months Wise Prediction
  • Year Wise Prediction

5) Name Numerology

  • 5 Name Suggestion Suggestion (If we find only one powerful name for you then we won’t suggest more).

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– The Report will be uploaded on the order page in PDF format.

– This Report is for 1 year and it includes all predictions and remedies. In case of any help let us know we are always here to help and guide.

– After Submitting the order, your report will be uploaded on the order page within 15 working days.


– Kindly be aware that all the predictions and content given in this report are generated by third-party software. As an advice, predictions given in this report are not watertight and shall be taken as indications and probability of events. Hence, Pandit.com or Pt. Rahul Kaushal is not accountable or answerable for offensive or abusive content or prediction given in this report.

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