Shri Bhairav Yantra

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Shri Bhairav Yantra helps win over enemies, manifests critical desires, gets material gains, creates a protection layer around, bans the entry of negative & evil energies, and nullifies negative planetary effects.

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Bhairav contains the Hindi Word “Bhaya”, which means fear, and the Bhairav is the one who terminates the fear. It also implies Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh. Bhairava is a fierce and intense deity sought after for critical and out of hands problems which create fear inside. Shri Bhairav Yantra is a sublime medium to invoke the blessings of Bhairav Nath.

Benefits of Shri Bhairav Yantra:
  • It is the best protector against the evil eye, black magic, spirits, and ghosts.
  • This powerful Yantra helps win over enemies, whether in physical fights, politics or court cases. Additionally, it frees you from enemies.
  • It creates an unsusceptible protection layer around the premise it is duly established at which, thus, banning the entry of negative & evil energies.
  • This unusual Yantra helps in gaining critical Siddhis in Tantra.
  • It dismisses all sufferings, sorrows, struggles, and diseases.
  • Planets, especially the Saturn, don’t harm the worshipper of the divine Shri Bhairav Yantra.
  • This axiomatic Yantra is worshipped to fulfil/manifest critical desires and material gains.
  • It is powerful to avoid conditions like frequent health issues, failures, and insults.
How to establish Shri Bhairav Yantra:
  • Establish it in your home, worship room, office or workplace.
  • Get up early in the morning, take a bath, and wear clean clothes.
  • Offer it Dhup, Deep & flowers.
  • Chant any Jupiter Mantra 11, 51 or 108 times.
  • View/worship it every day.
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