Shri Vaibhav Lakshmi Yantra

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Shri Vaibhav Lakshmi Yantra manifests desires, enhances beauty, lustre, and attraction, gets wealth, luxury, riches, comforts & abundance, removes quarrels, disappointments, failures, and bad luck out of life, ensures financial & career stability, generate new income sources, helps barren women to conceive, and especially enhances the lady luck.

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Vaibhav Lakshmi is one of the forms of goddess Lakshmi. The Sanskrit word “Vaibhav” stands for celebration, event, pleasures, etc. Shri Vaibhav Lakshmi Yantra is worshipped to achieve & increase “Vaibhava” – the causes of celebration. It not only increases material achievements but helps in spiritual awakening also.

Benefits of Shri Vaibhav Lakshmi Yantra:
  • It fetches & increases happiness and joy in life.
  • It gives you causes of celebration such as childbirth, wedding, purchasing a new house, adding luxuries, and so on.
  • It enhances beauty, lustre, and attraction.
  • It blesses one with wealth, luxury, riches, comforts, and abundance.
  • It removes quarrels, disappointments, failures, and bad luck from life.
  • It manifests your noble wishes.
  • It gets luck on your side, ergo you achieve success in every endeavour.
  • It gives you the desired proposals, whether in love, marriage, partnership or business.
  • It ensures financial & career stability; moreover, helps you generate new income sources.
  • It prevents business losses.
  • Money, food, assets don’t remain a concern with this prime Yantra.
  • It helps barren women to conceive.
  • It especially enhances the lady’s luck and blesses women with a long life of the husband.
How to establish Shri Vaibhav Lakshmi Yantra:
  • Establish it in your home, worship room, office or workplace.
  • Get up early in the morning, take a bath, and wear clean clothes.
  • Offer it Dhup, Deep & flowers.
  • Chant any Vaibhav Lakshmi Mantra 11, 51 or 108 times.
  • Worship it every day.
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