Varshphal Horoscope Platinum

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 What is Varshphal Horoscope Platinum ?

“Varshphal Horoscope Platinum ” is an EXCELLENT Varshphal report as it includes 2 Astrology systems I.e. Vedic + lal Kitab with remedies i.e. Ancient way of calculating events of upcoming year with detailed predictions combined with Red book’s magical remedies

What are Features of “Varshphal Horoscope Platinum ” Report ?

.Vedic Charts & Calculations

– Varshphal Planetary Degree & Position
– Varshphal Kundli, Varshphal Chalit Kundli, Varshphal Moon Kundli, Varshphal Navamsha Kundli
– Planets Temporary and permanent Friendship Table
– Dwadashvarga Table
– Dwadashvarga Bal, Harsha Bal, Panchavargiya Bal
– Varsheshvar Determination Calculation, Saham calculations
– Tajik Varsh Trpataki Chart
– Patyamsa Dasha, Mudda Dasha, Vimshottari Dashas, Antar dasha, Pratayantar Dasha etc.
– Strong results Producing annual/Varsh Yogas

Lal Kitab Charts & Calculations

– Calculation of Astro Birth Chart, Moon Kundli, Navmansh Kundli, Chalit Chart, Nirayan Bhav Chalit Kundli.
– Vedic Avkahda Chakra
– Nine Planets Degrees and Position
– House Position with Degrees of planets
– Janam Kundli D1, Lal Kitab based D1, Moon Kundli, Moon Lal Kitab
– Planets fixed and temporary Friendship table and Greh/Rashifal
– Advance Lal Kitab kundli with conclusion
– Debts and easy remedies of previous birth based on Lal Kitab
– Basic level of Numerology Calculations
– Shodashvarga Kundli i.e. 16 divisional charts to analyze strength of Horoscope.
– Lal Kitab based MahaDasha/Antardasha

Vedic Tajik Predictions

– Varshik Muntha Prediction
– Varshik Muntha lord Prediction
– Tajik based Varsh Ascendant lord prediction
– Report includes all major focus areas like Career, Health, wealth, Family, relations, status, theft, childrens etc

Lal Kitab Predictions

– Lal Kitab Planetary Predictions and nine planet easy Remedies
– Lal Kitab Varshphal Kundli Predictions and Remedies
– Debt(rin) and their remedies

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– This is 1 year Annual Horoscope Report, Just do the said remedies in your chart on your birthday if mentioned . In case of any help let us know we are always here to help and guide.

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