Vastu is a science of architecture that aims happy existence. In Vastu Shastra, each measurement is taken considering the position of Vastu Purusha – the deity/guardian of the house/building. Any defect in Vastu of the house causes harm in different ways, and people perform several remedies to treat Vastu Dosha. Vastu Dosh Kasht Nivaran Yantra is a sure shot remedy to treat all Vastu Dosha. Establishing and worshipping this Yantra pleases the Vastu Purusha, whereby, he does not let Vastu defects harm the house.

Benefits of Vastu Dosh Kasht Nivaran Yantra:
  • It ensures a proper flow of Pranic & Jaivic energy inside the premise.
  • It balances the five elements (space, air, fire, water & earth) inside the house.
  • It lessens the wrongly placed rooms & activities.
  • To some extent, it lessens the adverse effects of a wrong entrance.
  • It lessens the ill effects of the wrong height of the plot.
  • It controls the ill effects of a wrongly-shaped plot.
  • To some extent, it lessens the impact of stress coming out of the earth.
  • To some extent, it lessens the burden of Marma points.
  • It enhances peace, health, harmony, and happiness in the house/workplace.
  • It improves living conditions inside a premise.
How to establish Vastu Dosh Kasht Nivaran Yantra:
  • Establish it in your home, worship room, office or workplace.
  • Prefer to establish/install it in the Northeast direction.
  • Get up early in the morning, take a bath, and wear clean clothes.
  • Offer it Dhup, Deep & flowers.
  • Chant the Vastu Devta Mantra 11, 51 or 108 times.
  • View it every day.
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0 – 80





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Female, Male, Unisex






Lab Certified, Occultmaster Assurance


05 – 09 Grams


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