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Vidya saraswati

Vidya Saraswati

Vidya Saraswati Vidya Saraswati

icon2Goddess Saraswati is the consort of Lord Brahma and is the presiding deity for learning. She bestows knowledge related to all art forms like music, dance, acting, sculture, painting etc. She is also known as Vagdevi as she is the giver of speech. As per Hindu tradition before commencing learning of any art form or education, prayers are offered to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati and one’s own guru.


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icon1For people who want to become proficient in art forms and seek knowledge in any form should pray to Devi Sarawati.

Goddess Saraswati is always depicted in white clothes, sitting on a white lotus. White symbolizes purity.

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icon3We perform the following Sarawati poojas

1. Saraswati Pooja: It is performed in a Panchami day as per lunar calendar. Shodasopachara of Devi is followed by the recitation of Saraswati namavali and Saraswati sooktam. This pooja will be done in your name and in your sankalpa.

2. Saraswati Homam: four pundits perform this homam and the recitation of 1008 x 4 times of Saraswati namavali and Saraswati sooktam will be done. A homam for 1/10th of the number of japa is performed. This pooja is for seeking any form of vidya or learning. It will be done in your name and with your specific sankalpa.


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