Virgo Monthly Horoscope 2017

Virgo Monthly Horoscope For January 2017

Virgo Monthly Horoscope For January 2017

“Free Virgo Monthly Horoscope For January 2017″

Virgo Health Horoscope

This month the Sun’s protective shell may not be enough to keep you away from health problems. The strength and vitality imparted to you by the Sun, just may not suffice to keep you free from colds, and ailments related to the digestive organs. There is further need for extreme caution, because recuperation may be a difficult and tediously slow process.

There is additionally the danger of the affliction getting out of hand and the condition deteriorating. If you believe in : ‘Forewarned is forearmed’, take good care to seek medical treatment expeditiously without loss of time. This is particularly true, this month when the stellar configuration is not favourable for your health.

Virgo Finance Forecast

Nothing very auspicious about the augury, for your financial prospects this month. Those dealing with government bodies or departments would have extremely rough sailing and even suffer losses. If dealings can be postponed, do that failing which make whatever allowances you can.

Litigations and disputes would also be decided against you. As far as possible, work to delay decisions, so that these are made during a later, and more favourably period. Travel, too, would prove unfruitful. In fact, most of you would be unable to realize planned gains. Therefore, it would be a wise policy to plan for a lean period, during which you should keep a low profile.

Virgo Career and Profession Predictions

A month during which professionally you should do fairly well, since a favourable set of circumstances lies ahead of you. Those with drive and an out- going nature to get their targets would do particularly well. Some contacts of your father or an elderly family member would stand you in good stead. Make wise use of this.

Whatever your line of work, it would be a good idea to take greater interest in your day-to-day professional affairs. This would not only bring you a sense of satisfaction, but also win higher rewards and acclaim. A promotion or a transfer is possible. You might be called upon to move Northwards for your new assignments.

Virgo Education Horoscope

There would be quite a few problems related to your studies and the only way out would be to put in a lot of extra effort. Those studying for technical degrees would find that just normal devotion to textbooks would not solve any purpose. Therefore, they must find the time to make a greater amount of effort with their textbooks. Any sincerity in such an effort would ensure the realization of your objectives.

There is the further danger of becoming self-assertive and pointlessly argumentative. This too should be got over, since with this kind of mental framework, no real achievement is possible. Those sitting for competitive exams must arrange for extra coaching, because here again normal effort may not suffice.

Virgo Travel Forecast

Gains from travels can be very largely discounted this month since the augury from the stars is not too encouraging on this score. Those among you whose jobs or business require them to travel extensively would find themselves in a position with the results simply not measuring up to the expectations. Even sojourns towards the East, under the circumstances the most favourable direction would be no different.

Exporters and those dealing with foreign countries may find any trip abroad that they might make similarly devoid of the normal profits. Under the circumstances, it might be a good idea to cut down your travel plans to the minimum.

Virgo Family Prospects

This month the going may be rough for your family, since dame fortune is in a sulky mood. There is a distinct possibility that some of you would develop strained relations with your brothers, which could deteriorate very fast leading to extremely unpleasant situations. You must, therefore, devote a lot of attention to take precautions so that confrontation does not develop.

There is the further possibility that some of you might have serious differences with your father. Here again, caution is called for. In fact, this month most of your relations with your family members might show sign of strain. Devote greater attention to your wife and children.

Virgo Children Predictions

A month during which the stars are not too favourably inclined in so far as the projects for your children are concerned. This month you should not expect high performance in studies from your wards. In fact, most of them may register a decline in their results. Those studying science, engineering, or medicine may be particularly effected by a set of adverse circumstances.

Parents should help whenever necessary and produce the needed encouragement. Those sitting for any competitive examinations should go in for extra coaching. There is also the danger that some of them would develop serious tension with their father.

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