What is Mangal Yantra, Mantra, Puja, Effect, Remedy?

Mangal YantraWhat is Mangal Yantra, Mantra, Puja, Effect, Remedy?

icon3Mangal Yantra is a very powerful and extremely helpful way of enjoying great results. It can easily save you from accidents, cures, diseases, anger and debts. You will overcome and enjoy quick recovery if you worship it every day. Mangal yantra is often known to keep your temper and problems at bay. However, girls are often told to worship this yantra if they reach a marriageable age. It is powers cosmic blessings. In case of any delayed marriage this yantra will diminish all your efforts to not enjoy a successful married life. Any kind of health worries like stroke, fever, tension, low and high B.P, pregnancy, piles can also be possibly cured. You only need to please Mangal and that would be possible through worshipping and wearing a mangal yantra. It is primarily important to those whose horoscope is not favoring them at all.

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 icon1What is Geometry of Mangal Yantra ?

 This yantra would be made in a 3*3 inches design. This yantra will be a triangle shaped pattern. It needs to be made in pure gold weighing 22k. The yantra should be imprinted on a copper plate. The yantra should always be placed at a waist level. This mangal yantra needs to be worshipped on every Tuesday and practically continuously for at least 21 Tuesdays. This ynatra works best for women and men who have faced marriage problems. This yantra if worshipped at home will also curb any kind of divorce or debt issues. You will need to understand the patterns to enjoy a peaceful yet comfortable life.


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How to do Mangal yantra Puja and remedy Process ?

 This yantra has to be worn or attached to a red thread with a gold coin. If you’re got a large yantra, you could place it in your office or room. You can definitely hang it in your house too. The person needs to shower before he prays this yantra and conducts pooja every Tuesday. You must face east while praying and chanting. You need to place the yantra on a gold or silver plate. You must then place white flowers, incense sticks and diya lamps. A good dose of jiggery or any dry fruit can also serve as good Prasad. The regular worship of this yantra can surely bring in auspicious results.


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 What are Materials Needed for Mangal Yantra puja ?

  • Water
  • Leaf
  • Fruits
  • White Flowers
  • Jiggery
  • Mat
  • Silver plate
  • Incense sticks
  • Sandalwood paste


What is mantra for Mangal Yantra ?

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You then need to chant  this Mantra 21 times every Tuesday

icon4Om Angarakaya Namaha” .


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