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Rahu Yantra

What is Rahu Yantra, Mantra, Puja, Effect, Remedy?

Rahu YantraWhat is Rahu Yantra, Mantra, Puja, ffect, Remedy?

icon3Rahu again acts as a shadow planet that determines the changes that happen in your horoscope. The Vedas suggest that Rahu was the son of Simika who happened to enclose sun and moon with a kind of darkness that people found problems identifying their locations. The main deity of rahu would be Kaal. This is often categorized by a black flag in the northern direction. This flag will highlight the nine planets whenever the movements cause a problem. The period of Rahu lasts for good 18 years. Hence, this is the time when a person experiences maximum problems like accidents, property loss, business loss etc. If you want to evade negative energies, illness, and any wrong happenings in their life. The Rahu turns malefic and affects your life to a great extent. Hence this yantra will actually appease your Rahu and the position of its movements.

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icon1What is Geometry of Rahu Yantra ?

This yantra is made on a copper plate. The patterns that you would draw will reflect the environmental; factors that affect your daily life. Normally there would be horizontal and vertical lines that would bring in certain patterns and energy. The yantra needs to be embossed on a plate with your diya lamps lit. You could also make it with sandalwood paste. The lines indicate a combination of air and fire. You will be supposed to write certain numbers or mantras inside the patterns. You must take help of an astrologer before you draw a yantra. Most of these yantras can be bought from any specialized store or through books. This yantra can make you calm and increase your chances of enjoying money, faith and good life.

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icon1How to do Rahu yantra Puja and remedy Process ?

You must be in a positive peace of mind before you begin the pooja process. If you want to be victorious over your enemies, its time you invest in worshipping this yantra. You must follow certain Rahu timings for a fixed period of time. This yantra will help you to enjoy a successful business without worrying about any negativity. You must also chant “Om Bhraang bhreeg Bhrang Sa Rahve Namah” 108 times to see maximum results. You need to pray and ask for whatever negative energy is affecting your life. This yantra if kept in your house can help to remove and get rid of all the malefic effects of your planet.

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What are Materials Needed for Rahu Yantra puja ?

  • Water
  • Mustard oil
  • Leaf
  • Fruits
  • Blue /Black Flowers
  • Jaggery
  • Mat
  • Copper plate
  • Incense sticks
  • Sandalwood paste

What is mantra for Rahu Yantra ?

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You must also chant 108 times to see maximum results.

“Om Bhraang bhreeg Bhrang Sa Rahve Namah”