Aquarius Love Sign Compatibility - Matches for Aquarius

Aquarius Love Sign Compatibility

What is the Aquarius Love Sign Compatibility with other sign? Believe me for Aquarius’s, true love & marriages do not necessarily go hand in hand all times.


AQUARIUS AND ARIESAries and Aquarius have the potential to make an exciting match, so long as the compliments from both sides keep coming.
Both are capable of a loving long term relationship in which their best qualities are allowed to flourish. If Aries is a sexual bonfire, Aquarius is the gasoline to make it spread, as a result of which, there should be no shortage of passion in their lives. In the long haul, there can be ups and downs in the relationship but this is one of the finer long term romances.


AQUARIUS AND TAURUSBoth Taurus and Aquarius are stubborn and rigid. This can be an unbelievable sensual combination but that will be for short term only, it is problematic in the long run. For a short lived sensual partnership this is the match to look for as the Taurus are known to be much more physical and if they find their partner willing, could greatly enhance the level of passion in their lives. But do not, under any circumstances, opt for marrying as the match can become the most gruesome.


AQUARIUS AND GEMINIHere’s a happy match- there will be no shortage of passion or experimentation in their physical relationship, as both like to keep things new and interesting and there is every prospect of strong romantic bond between them. When they do hit different times they seem to have all the attributes between them to sort out and move on.


AQUARIUS AND CANCERA Cancerian is very emotional, extremely attached to his family and very vulnerable. An Aquarian, on the other hand, is friendly with everyone, but closely attached to almost no one. This would be a sensual and intellectual adventure in the beginning. The love match will have to face a lot of problems, since both of them will find it very difficult to understand each other. To keep this relationship going, both have to be flexible and ready to adjust.


AQUARIUS AND LEOThough an Aquarius does not share all his personality traits with a Leo, the relationship compatibility between the two zodiac signs is pretty decent because of the things to teach other about methods of attaining life’s goals and thereby happiness The water bearer Aquarius loves the warmth and generosity of the Lion while the latter is impressed with the individual intellect and confidence of the former. But, her again, Leo will have to tone down the orders as Aquarius can be agreeable only if they don’t feel imposed upon or pressured.


AQUARIUS AND VIRGOThe relationship between a Virgo and an Aquarius has chances of success since they share a good intellectual rapport. However, one is orderly and the other is disorganized. So, there are chances of mutual admiration or frustration both at the end. As far as love relationship is concerned, there may be lack of expression. So, we can say here that they have better chances of forming an intellectual bond rather than emotional bond.


AQUARIUS AND LIBRAThe love match of Libra and an Aquarius is most likely to result in good compatibility both sharing common personality traits. The Libran will love the Aquarian for his/ her creativity and initiative while the latter will respect his/her balanced & harmonious nature and would make a handsome couple. But unpredictable behavior by an Aquarian can offend the Libra.


AQUARIUS AND SCORPIOBoth the Scorpio and the Aquarius have very different personality traits and tend t have very dissimilar views as far as love relationships are concerned.. These are two natural antagonists, so, not even the initial good sex would be enough to prevent Aquarius from taking a very hasty leave after Scorpio issues the first sting. The Aquarian seems to be quite cool and aloof in comparison to Scorpio.


AQUARIUS AND SAGITTARIUSThe pairing has too much going for it that it has to be regarded as one of the most exciting matches. Sagittarius and the Aquarius have a very similar outlook on life. They each prefer to maintain a certain level of independence in the relationship. Both can be very adventurous, seeking excitement and exploring new horizons and to top it all off the mental and philosophical vibes are compatible as well.


AQUARIUS AND CAPRICORNInitially, a Capricorn and an Aquarius can beautifully complement each other. A Capricorn is very practical, impartial, consistent and firm in his approach towards life. An Aquarian is creative, skillful and has the ability to understand the situation. The problem is that they may become so much involved in the other things that they may forget to give due attention to their love relationship and its compatibility. On the personal front, they will require quite a few adjustments. The Aquarius will have to control his ‘friendly’ nature a bit and try to understand the Capricorn’s family ties. The latter will have to bring some adventure and enthusiasm into the relation.


AQUARIUS AND PISCESInitially there is every chance that the Aquarius and the Pisces will be very attracted to one another but ultimately this match can be depressing for both and Should be kept in the boundaries of the short romance. As soon as the novelty starts to wear off, the Aquarius will be looking to re-establish their freedom whereas the more sensitive Pisces will be desperate to keep the relationship close.

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