Cancer Love Sign Compatibility - Matches for Cancer

Cancer Love Sign Compatibility - Matches for Cancer

What does the Cancer Love Sign Compatibility Represent?

This sunsign of cancerian aka Crab is the one that go for relationship for long.


CANCER AND ARIESAries Cancer combination has so many differences and it is very hard to see it lasting beyond the initial attraction. An Aries is full of impulsiveness and enthusiasm where as the Cancerians are conservative and security oriented. The compatibility of this relationship will depend on how quickly both the Aries and the Cancer can learn to adapt for which Aries would have to stretch to be patient and sensitive and Cancer stretch to offer praise.


CANCER AND TAURUSThis has the makings of a good combination. Taurus and Cancer crave security and stability and are capable of love and affection. Both the Taurus and the Cancer value the home and family greatly and keep well stocked kitchens. Their sex lives will only improve with the length of the relationship.


CANCER AND GEMINIThis can be a good relationship initially as all the fun and good humour may be fine, but efforts will have to be made to provide the Cancer with the stability they need. The zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer have very little in common with one another. Gemini’s slightly superficial nature may prove hurtful to the sentimental Cancer. The Cancer will feel unsettled and insecure in this relationship if the Gemini cannot show some sign of commitment. Both will adapt to the other’s style for this particular pairing to have any durability.


CANCER AND LEOThe Cancer and Leo individuals have excellent prospects of forming a strong relationship. Leo’s personality traits being loyal, generous and home loving when combined with the Cancer’s thrift and love of children and home bode a happy life together for these signs. Although Cancer will like to follow strong leader and offer support for Leo’s proud flair, the latter may not be able to provide the kind of total reassurance that Cancer needs. Although the Cancer is happy to follow strong leader, they do like to retain a certain amount of individuality as a result of which Leo may begin to feel his or her own attention is slipping away from the desired state of self-centeredness.


CANCER AND VIRGOThe Cancer and the Virgo have a surprisingly good compatibility for a loving relationship and it would also be a learning experience, especially for the Virgo. Being Moonchild, the Cancer is easily offended so Virgo would have to behave more patiently and to learn how to soft pedal his or her criticism. A possible problem area could be the tendency of the Virgo to vent their frustration when things don’t meet their exacting standards and where too much criticism would ne difficult for the “love me” Cancerian.


CANCER AND LIBRAIn the early stages of a romantic liaison between the Cancer and the Libra there is likely to be an extremely strong physical attraction. But this would be a pairing to avoid as the combination of a over emotional Cancer with the coolly rational Libra is not often a long term proposition. The Libra is more practical minded of the two and has ability to make decisions with their head than their heart whereas Cancer is more emotive. And when the Cancer demands support- right or wron, Libra is unable to give it all the time which will lead to dullness and discord in the relation.


CANCER AND SCORPIOThe compatibility between the Cancer and the Scorpio is good as both are emotional, considerate and security-oriented.. There is a particular concern as to how the Scorpio can cope with the occasional moo swings of the Cancer and here, Scorpio can act like a shot of vitamins to Cancer and would help dispel some of Cancer’s moody moments. This relationship could bring the best of each of them.


CANCER AND SAGITTARIUSThe prospects of a love match between the zodiac signs of the Cancer and the Sagittarius are poor. The Cancer is very strong on family and home whilst the Sagittarius wants to be free to travel and enjoy life to the full. They will also be worlds apart on an emotional level as Cancer is ruled by the heart and Sagittarius can appear cold and distant. Unless both partners have their complete astrological chart-cast, it’s best for both to avoid the sadness and anger that is likely to come.


CANCER  AND CAPRICORNInstead of being polar opposites, they can be pair. In almost all aspects of life, the personality traits of the Cancer and the Capricorn do not match. The Cancer is ruled by their heart whilst the Capricorn is ruled by their head. Being practical and ambitious Capricorns put business before the emotional needs of the Cancer. In order for this partnership to succeed, both will have to make compromises and efforts.


CANCER AND AQUARIUSA Cancerian is very emotional, extremely attached to his family and very vulnerable. An Aquarian, on the other hand, is friendly with everyone, but closely attached to almost no one. This would be a sensual and intellectual adventure in the beginning. The love match will have to face a lot of problems, since both of them will find it very difficult to understand each other. To keep this relationship going, both have to be flexible and ready to adjust.


CANCER AND PISCESThe Pisces and the Cancer are both of a quite emotional and compassionate nature. The strong romantic nature of the Pisces will work well with the imaginative and creative Cancer and generate emotional sparks and sexual energy to last for a lifetime of bliss. Though the relationship would probably teeter between sexual exaltation and emotional storms still the emotional nature of both should be strong enough for both to take their chances in the long run.

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