What is Virgo Sun Signs Horoscope?

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What is Virgo Sun Signs Horoscope?What is Virgo Sun Signs Horoscope ?

This sign has it’s sixth number in the imaginary zodiac and governed by the second sign of the plannet MERCURY. The native of this sign are generally of shameful nature. Shrewdness, fast and quickness, scientific pursuits, sports business ability and developing are the main features of this sign. They are the nervous person who remain & feel always restlessness. They want to judge even & every matter deeply on all of their skill, sense & sentiments views. They are fond of family life and love their children from the care of their hearts. They have the capacity to judge the ability and capability of their enemies or oppositional side persons. They always evaluate the each and every thing in the business terms. They are experts in oratory exposure & plan their activities to reach up to their aims.


The native of this sign become most successful in acting, literary mattes and subjects, psychology, accountancy, philosophy, any type of business, Govt. as well as private service occult sciences like astrology etc. They are most successful persons also as a good worker; they do the work hard & may sit to finish the work in over time also.


It is better for the natives of this sign to reside in open& airy houses for the healthy life. The basically problem to their health is as a result of nervousness & stomach disturbance as well as chest problem. High blood pressure, ENT problems, sexual decease, skin problem, sugar etc. Are some of them to affect their health. One should avoid tension and adopt yoga and meditation.


Generally to say that the people of this sign are of hard working natured and they do put their full efforts to earning a livelihood. Their income source may also be more than one. They are not of a nature to spend the money unnecessarily. They may also get parental property.


These people of Virgo sign do not like to romance hence. They have rare love affairs. Mostly un-married people rare been seen from this Virgo sign. They don’t love glamorous or frank girls. They love only sober, well dressed neat & clean, beautiful, shameful girls. There after they marry & after marriage they remain very faithful. But they believe in small family of one or two children.

Lucky Stones Or Gems

Emeralds, fitted in golden ring should be worn in little finger of the hand after proper purification, in proper …………………… & Wednesday.

Lucky Colour

White & green in mixed type. But avoid red colour.

Lucky Days


Lucky Numbers


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