Indian Girl Names Starting With X

Girl’s name starting with X


Get a list of most popular, unique and perfect name beginning with alphabet X with their meaning for your princess. Choosing perfect name your sweetheart is an important decision that will affect her entire life. Below table contains list of name starting with alphabet X with meaning that she’ll love as she grows.

Baby Girls Names Beginning With Alphabet X

Girl’s name Meaning लड़कियों के नाम अर्थ
Xo Ice क्षो बर्फ
Xma Gentle and Tolerant क्षमा कोमल और सहिष्णु
Xama Forgiveness क्षमा माफी
Xami Everything Known क्षमी सब कुछ परिचित
Xena Brave क्षेणा बहादुर
Xery All True क्षेरी सब सच
Xipu Skill क्षिपु कौशल
Xiti Beautiful क्षिति सुंदर
Xyla Dream क्शयला ख्वाब
Xylo Hope, Sky, Fiercest क्शयलो उम्मीद, आकाश
Xelia Pretty क्षेलिया सुंदर
Xiang Fragrance क्षियांग खुशबू
Xilmal Shimmer क्शिल्मल शिमर
Xemjeet Topper क्षेमजीत टोपर
Xundari Beautiful क्षुनदरी सुंदर


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