Sagittarius- Lucky Gemstone, Features, Mantra?

Sagittarius Lucky Gemstone, Sagittarius Mantra ,Sagittarius Subtitute Stone,Sagittarius Recommended Stone

Sagittarius - Lucky Gemstone, Features, Mantra?

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Sagittarius- Lucky Gemstone, Features, MantraThose who come under this sun-sign are Religious people, they are basically generous, with Good thoughts, and have kind nature. This sun-sign is ruled by Planet Jupiter. Recommended stone for this sun-sign is Yellow Sapphire.

Recommended Stone – Yellow Sapphire

Subtitute Stone – Golden Topaz


About Yellow Sapphire

This is valuable stone, and is mostly found in Rivers of Brahmputra, in Himalayas, Srilanka, Russia, and Ireland. Chemical composition of this stone is Aluminium, Hydronium and Chlorine. It is heavy in weight and is Transparent. It is found mostly in Light Yellow colour and must have spider web structure, or dark spots inside. Real Yellow Sapphire is mainly found in Srilanka and it also gets light in colour after sometimes.


Its Features and Imporatnce

It is ruled by Planet Jupiter, all the faults related to planet Jupiter loose malfeasance. This stone is also good for Sagittarius people. It helps in case of health, age, good memory, Fame, Glory and in Mental Peace. It enhances Business too. It is good in bringing examination luck and good for Skin problems. It works well in delays of marriage cases, and removes Husband-wife problems too. It is very beneficial for Lawyers, Business people and for Service men too.


How to wear Gem Stone?

Yellow Sapphire should be of minimum 3-4 Rattis or 4-5 Rattis is even better than that. It is recommended to wear coral in Gold, Silver or Copper. It is to be worn on Thursday before sunrise by washing it with fresh milk and holy water.

Mantra in English

Om Graan Green Gaun sas Guruvay namah.

Mantra in Hindi

ऊं ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं स: गुरवे नम:

Note: The day Yellow Sapphire is worn, it shows its effects till 4years, 3 months and 18 days.

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