Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For April 2024

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For April 2024

“Free Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For April 2024″

Scorpio Health Horoscope

This month augurs well for your health, when the stars are in a mood to bless you. Any predisposition to chronic disorders like rheumatism and complaints of the stomach like constipation would be much relieved during this period. Normal kinds of precaution would ensure that botheration from such troubles is at a minimum.

Susceptibility to bouts of sudden acute sickness like fever or inflammation would also be similarly relieved. In fact, the period does not indicate any serious health hazard of any sort. This is provided, of course, that all caution is not thrown to the winds. Simple normal care would ensure good health.

Scorpio Finance Forecast

Nothing very encouraging in the augury from the stars this month, in so far as your financial prospects are concerned. Any litigation or dispute is almost certainly going to be decided against you this month. The best you can hope to do is to try and see that the decision on any such matter is postponed to a later and more favourable period.

Further, some of you would be influenced by a mean streak which would goad you to severely exploit your juniors, workers or simply people below you in the social strata for personal ends. This would be met by stiff resistance, and an extremely unpleasant situation could come about; curb such tendencies firmly, failing which you would only have yourself to blame.

Scorpio Career and Profession Predictions

An excellent month, during which you would be able to function abovenormal and take your career to new heights. This month you will be endowed with a quality of leadership that would unable you to get the optimum benefit of from the service of your juniors and subordinates. The work-load would not be very heavy, and yet most of your expected gains would be realized.

There would also be a good deal of fairly beneficial travel, the most advantageous direction being east. There are further chances of an old person doing you a favour, that could well boost your career prospects substantially. An excellent month, during which you should get ambitious targets for yourself, since chances are that these would be fulfilled.

Scorpio Education Horoscope

An excellent month in so far as far your pursuits in education go, since the stars are out to bless you. Technical students would perform some outstanding feats involving skill and dexterity. In fact, some of you could well go on to score notable successes. Your performance with textbooks would also be passable at least.

The students of arts and hotel management would also face quite well in their subjects. Candidates for competitive examinations can look forward to success if they sincerely put in at least the normal kind of effort.

Scorpio Travel Forecast

A month during which the prospect for gains from travel are not too bright, since the augury from the stars is quite clear about this. Your job or business related travel would amount to very little success coming to you with a great deal of difficulties, if any. Any initiatives, you might take to rectify the situation, would also not be successful.

You would also make some trips on your own for pleasure, like a holiday with the family, yet somehow even this would not be too much fun. You would travel within the country and almost entirely by rail or by road. It is also unlikely that you would venture too far from home.

Scorpio Family Prospects

There is very little cheer for your family prospects this month in the augury from the stars. There are indications that the family atmosphere would be vitiated with discord with the members not concerned about each other. In such an atmosphere there are chances that at least a few of you would have serious differences with your elders.

To compound your difficulties, relations with your spouse may also be in the doldrums. Children too, would tend to be irritable. They may not do too well in their studies and other extra-curricular activities. You would not only have to pay greater heed to their affairs but also strive to control tensions with your various relatives.

Scorpio Children Predictions

During this month though children would create problems of various kinds for parents, still some of them would perform exceedingly well in their pursuits, since the stars are favourably inclined. The gifted may find scope for talent and go on to do very well in their pursuits. Those with leadership qualities would find avenues for putting this to good use and in the process further increase their stature.

Most children would make several good friends and gain a lot of popularity. Yet this would not be an unmixed blessing since they would display a certain disregard for authority and act in an undisciplined manner.

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