Sign Man Woman Libra

Libra Love Sign Compatibility - Matches for Libra

LIBRA (September 24- October 23)

Sign Man Woman LibraSign Man Woman LibraLibrans, ruled by the Venus, are beautiful people with style and ability to attract others of better class. The Librans love people and hate to be rude to anyone. They have a very captivating smile which can easily melt your heart. As far as emotions are concerned, they may become too sentimental one moment and become extremely cheerful in the very next. Like Virgos, they are turned off by loud mouths and people who curse too much. They are extremely diplomatic and can say unpleasant things in clever double talk which seem harmless. In fact, his personality is a mix of kind heartedness, softness, equality, indecisiveness, social adeptness and the ability to see both sides of any argument.


The Libra man is said to be a compassionate and balanced person. Being charming and gentle, he has a certain edge over men of other signs. As Librans love to socialize and being charming as well, he usually has a generous supply of women. They are said to be believers of love, romance and beauty. Libra men, like their symbol, always try to balance things around them. A sense of justice always prevails in their mind and they apply this in their love life as well. If you look up his charm, good looks, personal directory of attractive women’s phone numbers, natural psychological insight into other’s desires and possibilities and his disguised, sensual, predatory nature, you’ll find a long history of women who have discovered what an amazing man he is. Women are said to fall for their smile, as Libra men are said to have the cutest and most charming of smiles.

Being romantic and predatory, he has a predilection for standby women because he wants a great deal in the way of sensual pleasure. He ultimately wants peace and harmony, and his home will be a reflection of this. Libra men attracted to a comfortable and luxurious life. They like everything beautiful and love to lead a lavish life. His apartment is tidy and casually colourful which is a naturally elegant trap for a willing woman.

As Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of attraction, Libran men attracts love, money and status. In fact he attracts whatever is beautiful- whether it is art, music, people or success. Libra men are attracted to women who are outgoing and fun to be with. They desire partners with whom they can connect both intellectually as well as emotionally. As far as sex is concerned, he thinks of it as an art and his bed as the canvas.

Oddly enough, with his well run business, perhaps a family hot and cold running mistresses at his beck and call, he’ll rarely be involved in scandal. He takes the cake- has it and eats it, too.



The Libra woman is beautiful befitting her rank as Goddess of Love. Though she is worshipped and adored, yet she herself seeks a man to idolize. A Libra woman generally has soft pleasing features. She is the ambassador of the most radiant, perfect smiles. With a great figure and a beauty that goes beyond mere prettiness. The most persistent of all physical traits of Libra zodiac signs is the dimples. Her walk is sensually tantalizing but does not detract from her image as a ladylike woman of culture. Her preferences in men run from the masculine types to the creative and executive types who are doing things worthwhile and worth publicizing.

A Libra woman has a veneer of worldly wiseness that is the end product of calculated study. Her sharp intellect can floor anyone. She learns about life from books, her friends, some things from music, art and rest from men as well. She’ll be facing recurring dilemma, to love this one or that one or both? Libra women like the social graces. A well appointed table in an elegant restaurant complete with flowers would be a perfect way to start the evening with your Libra date. She loves getting involved into relationships. Her life would not make sense without socializing. She lives for love and romance and feel no need to blush, act coy or hesitant about any erotic desires, whether they are hers or her lover’s. One of the social aspiration of both Libra men and women is their quest for partnership, she gets married very easily, not necessarily to have a husband, but to have a mate and then she becomes the participating member of the family. She just can’t make it as a loner and life without love for her would be a living death.