The Aries and Aries pairing sharing the hasty Mars ruler, is the probable result of acting passionately. There will be impetuous planning. But there is one very obvious problem in this combination. Aries, being of bossy nature, here both like to take the role of leader in the relationship. And unless they can very quickly reach a compromise, that spells trouble. The start of a relationship between two Aries could be full of passion and romance as they compete in an effort to win the other over with their all embracing love. They will enjoy travelling & socializing together and visiting new places as their adventurous side is given free rein. In the long term, the relationship will tend to be quite impulsive. The blessing is that it is not in Aries’ nature to remain angry very long. The big problem is finding a level at which harmony can be achieved, and most importantly to maintain. If they can achieve this and work together on dealing with life’s important issues, then they could share a very exciting adventure otherwise this is not a likely candidate for a long term love and happiness.


A stable and very down to earth relationship looks on the cards as there may be lack of ambition and drive and there may be times when both want to be silent, to reflect and contemplate. Both are fixed signs and it is doubtful whether they will feel the urge to take risks and try anything new unless it is out of necessity. At times both can be jealous and possessive when big emotional problems come along. Resolving their difficulties could take an age as they can be so stubborn and will be reluctant to give an inch. They certainly have the compatibility to make an excellent couple as far as money management is concerned. Both find joy in obtaining a bargain but will spend willingly when it comes to comfort producing luxury. This pair has in common a love of art, music and top ticket lifestyle. Adventures will be few and far between this couple but there is every prospect of a warm and loving association.


The compatibility between one Gemini and another is good. As they possess the same personality traits, they will have little trouble engaging in conversation or making new friends. There certainly would be a lot of action, communication, and the beginning of but not necessarily the finishing of new projects. These will be two people who are up on the latest gossip, two people having verbal, writing or selling talents. Because of tricky in conversation, they are invited to social gatherings because, together, they can sparkle. With the advantages of sharing so many things in common, so come the disadvantages of having similar failings. As both may be prone towards flirtation and jealousy there could be problems ahead, especially in the event that one or the other finds a deeper emotional bond elsewhere. For this match of the zodiac signs last the test of time, both individuals will have to make great efforts to provide some stability in the relationship. They change and gradually move towards real commitment.


When a Cancerian becomes involved with another Cancerian they can form a very strong bond as their similar temperaments will improve their compatibility. Because of their emotional nature, their relationship will be very intimate, loving and protective. Ruled by the planet Moon, Cancerians are home and family inclined and their kitchens as well as the bed room are scenes of activity, pleasure and joy.

However, both of them are prone to mood swings too and if, by any chance, they end up having sullen mood at the same time, there will be no one to create a cheerful atmosphere. So, either a Cancer- Cancer love match will be very loving, comforting and cozy or it will be extremely sarcastic, bitter and clingy.


As far as emotional understanding is concerned, both of them are perfectly compatible. Both being very passionate, loyal, romantic and full of consideration for their loved ones but it is a matter of who will take a step back. Both will want to be the center of attention at all times and neither will be happy to play the subordinate role. Each should realize the requirement of the other’s need to show-off and will have to learn to respect each other’s views and find a happy middle ground. Leo individuals are quite vivacious, full of energy, creativity and think of their home as castle, a place to entertain friends royally. So, if they can manage to find a way to get along without fighting for dominance, there are possibilities to form trusting and royal relationship that can last a lifetime.


Both will be well dressed and impeccably groomed. Their loyalty and dedication is second to none so prospects will be good for the long term. Their honesty and courage will hold them together. Virgos expect much perfection in their children although they themselves are very loving and devoted parents. Both will be health and service oriented. But if they are too similar and set in their ways, there will be problems getting anything done efficiently. They will have to reach a general understanding so that they are equipped to deal with all aspects of life.


Libra and Libra, the two partnership signs could be interesting. For a Libra, life is not worth living alone. In a relationship between two Librans, both of them will charm each other with their delicate tact and subtle diplomacy. Librans, being sociable, together they will be quite a dashing couple in social situations. Both of them believe in maintaining harmony in a relationship and any major problem in their love match seems to be a quite distant possibility.


With another Scorpio there would be a double amount of Pluto and a resulting struggle for power but an attainment of success in major objectives. Both of them are extremely passionate about everything in their life and this includes their partner too. However, this sensual pairing may be possessive and jealous sometimes and need some happy-go-lucky-laughter to ease the deadly seriousness. Both are mysterious, magnetic, psychic and can be of tremendous aid to others in both a psychological and physical sense. Neptune ruled fifth house pisces gives an exceptionally romantic nature and with superabundance of the vital force, the pairing can obtain the heights.


When two Sagittarius individuals get together, it means only one thing- lots and lots of fun and excitement. As partners, two Sagittarians will share the optimism towards life and love for enthusiasm. Both of them are extremely sociable and love to interact with new people, and their this feature will strengthen their compatibility. However, either of them will have to show a little seriousness towards life.


AS a pair, both are organized, think from their mind, practical, down to earth and always have clear cut aims in their life. Both mean to make their mark in the world of business. But in love relationship, they will have to make deliberate efforts to stop thinking about their responsibilities all the time and start spending some time with each other.


The coming together of two Aquarians promises plenty of what they each hold- excitement, change and above all personal freedom. They might join to promote a progressive cause or collaborate on a conceptual vision. Otherwise, it would be better to consult a good astrologer for complete comparison of the horoscopes. Though both of them love freedom but if they allow each other too much freedom there is a risk of having too many personal interests for any deep emotional bonds to form. They should embrace their common ground and share the same ambitions for themselves and their partners so that the relationship could flourish. Their dubious romantic combination might or might not be permanent.


Pisces and Pisces relationship has the potential to be full of because both of them will show great passion for love and affection. They have a very good chance of success because of sharing natural affinity and understanding. But it will also need one of them to have a little more ‘‘get up and go’’ so that they do not spend time in their own little dream world and are able to take up new challenges in life.