Vaastu Advice for Bank

Vaastu Advice for Bank

Vaastu Advice for Bank Vaastu Advice for Bank

Every set-up today requires implementation of Vaastu Shastra. Vaastu Shastra was always considered as a way to eliminate negativity from the place. Most places might incorporate Vaastu Shastra at the beginning of any construction. Vaastu can to a large extent helps get rid of thefts, bankruptcy etc. In case the bank was constructed without keeping Vaastu in mind, any future amendments can always be made. This kind of provision is also done in Vaastu Shastra. People want to feel safe and worry less about their money. Their trust in a bank depends on the extent of security of the concerned bank. The placement and seating of staff is extremely important as they are dealing with money throughout the day.

So how do you plan the layout of the bank through Vaastu Shastra? Vaastu can totally change the way a place can be perceived. At times, Vaastu Shastra help turmoil’s to turn into profitable ventures. Vaastu advice for banks can involve lot of elements that might help a bank turn prosperous and recognized. Ideally a bank should be located in the Northern or Eastern direction. You must ensure those at all possible times, there aren’t any construction activities taking place outside the bank. The main entrance would preferably be best at the North-eastern or Eastern direction. The manager’s room should be made in the south-eastern direction. The manager must always face north while sitting in his cabin. The cash counters must always be positioned towards the North-eastern or Eastern direction. You must ensure that all employees always use wooden counters to handle and manage cash. All bank employees need to maintain decorum in the bank while handling cash. There should be a main locker or cash room that needs to be positioned towards the Southern or South-western direction. The room should definitely open towards the Northern zone. There needs to be provision made for water in the bank. The water tank should be placed in the North-eastern direction. This direction is also considered auspicious as water and money have a powerful role to play in human life.

Vaastu advice for banks also covers planning the choice of colours for a positive environment. Most colours observed in banks would be either shades of white or yellow. These colours stabilize the flow of wealth in a positive manner. All kinds of materials including paper, files, books, junk materials, old documents must be positioned towards the South-western direction. The position of stationery could be shifted to the North-western direction. All kinds of cash deposit counters could be positioned towards the Northern direction. The payment counters can also be situated at the Western zone. In case of stairs, position them towards the Southern, South-eastern or Western direction.

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