Vaastu Advice for Home Construction

Vaastu Advice for Home Construction

 Vaastu Advice for Home Construction Vaastu Advice for Home Construction

It won’t be wrong to justify Vaastu as the breathing element of every house. Every construction requires elements of Vaastu. It is essential as it is considered to bring out positive energy in every house. Hence it must be a pre-requisite while considering constructing your house.

Vaastu advice for home construction covers the initial step of every plan. Firstly, dig a well in a particular corner most preferably North East direction. You must then use this as a ground water reserve for constructing your house or bungalow. This well will bring in prosperity and fulfill completion of your house. There must be ample open space near and around the sides of your planned house. These open spaces would tend to bring in necessary luck and lighting opportunities. If the open spaces are more towards the eastern, western, southern and northern direction it would tend to be more auspicious.

You must also plant trees at every corner of the sides as they tend to be recognized as Ishan. There are certain recommendations for planting trees too. Heavy trees must always be planted towards the southwestern, western and southern directions. Smaller plants like creepers fit well towards the northern, eastern and north-eastern directions. These smaller plants and trees should not be planted at Ishaan zone. There must be ample air and wind blowing from northern, eastern and Ishaan zones. You could always build windows and doors to channelize the wind. The construction of building on the southern, western and south-western directions must definitely higher than north-eastern and eastern directions. If the house is well constrcuted and planned according to Vayavya and Agneya it would lead to fewer fights. In case you are buying an old house, you must immediately paint it and clean the corners of the house.

The height of the western side should always be higher than the eastern side. This serves as an auspicious sign to the buyer. You should not provide doors towards the South-west direction of your house. Firstly, you must always fill up the concrete pillars with bricks at the southwest corner of the house. This could later be carried forward towards the eastern, northern, and western directions of the house. The doors of your house must always open from the inside rather than outside. The doors that open from inside often bring in luck, privacy and prosperity. There would be a great amount of positive energy inside your house if you incorporate these following Vaastu elements. Your house must always have ample light and wind blowing as this would eliminate negative spirits. Vaastu advice for home construction always involves a set of guidelines that need to be followed. Sometimes, houses do get built without enough Vaastu considerations. These houses will later on have to undergo certain amendments.