Vaastu Advice for the Garden

Vaastu Advice for the Garden

Vaastu Advice for the Garden Vaastu Advice for the Garden

Any property in your house is understood by the way it is positioned. There are reasons why certain architectural spaces have got a particular shape and format. You would be anxious to know the reason behind a store room located at the end or ground of any house. All these answers take you to the theory of Vaastu. This theory plays an important role in the life of most people. Indians and a majority of others do believe in the power of Vaastu and its possible implications on mankind. Most of these reasons would actually bring in happiness and peace in your family.

Importance of a Garden

The garden is an important element of most houses. They form a source of entertainment in villages as well as cities. Every society in the city tries to accommodate some space for garden. This property becomes the fun element for most kids. However, there are ways in which a garden should be built and designed. Most gardens if located properly can bring in prosperity, wealth and health. They also bring in serenity and peace followed by calmness. Gardens are also included in most spaces for its natural and refreshing yet relaxing purpose. Vaastu can certainly bring in energizing properties for garden thereby selecting the perfect location.

Vaastu on Gardens

Vaastu advice for gardens includes positioning it towards the eastern zone or northern direction. There is a need of waterfall to be constructed in the northern or eastern region and leaving equal space on north-eastern and north-western region. Most experts would believe including plants and flower pots can do wonders in a garden. However, they should be more than three feet tall. Vaastu advice for gardens mentions including swings to be placed in northern section. In case you have a pet, you could locate the house or nest in the north-western zone. You might wish to include seating areas in the garden. The best location for that would be the north-western section. Most gardens will have a focal point which is considered highly auspicious. Some of these points could be used for creating a statue, aquarium, fountain and deity. Vaastu advice for gardens include avoid garbage and dirt accumulation in the garden. It needs to be regularly maintained and sprinkled with water to bring in freshness.

The pathway should be planned from the entrance to the garden. The sides of the pathway could have plants like basil, jasmine and flowerpots. No tree or pot must appear in the middle of the pathway. Fruit-bearing trees needs to be positioned in the eastern direction. In case you need a swimming pool, plan it to face north or north-east direction. Vaastu advice for gardens also involves installing greenery wherever possible. All these properties will help bring in relaxation and would eventually restore any negativity. This is the reason why gardens need to be highly regarded as a place of sanity building. You could get to learn more and understand most of your garden necessities by visiting a renowned Vaastu expert or reading information online.

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