Vaastu House Plan

Vaastu House Plan

Vaastu House PlanComplete Vaastu House Plan

Every house is important and extremely special. So how do you ensure it brings out the best possible vibes? You simply have to remember to plan and design your house basis Vaastu recommendations. Your architect will know a great deal about Vaatsu however, do confirm with them in case you have any queries. Vaastu is often considered as the dwelling place for God and human beings. If you house carries the necessary positive vibes you could be very well sure to enjoy peace and prosperity. There have cases when inmates have faced immense problems monetarily as well as mentally due to Vaastu abnormalities.

Vaastu Plan for the Entrance

Every house will have an entrance which is called as Simhadwar. This entrance is considered extremely important as it welcomes guests and people. It can be equivalent to a nose of a human body. The perfect location for an entrance would be Northern, North-western, South-eastern and North-eastern directions. This would bring in fresh air and positive vibes from outside.

Vaastu Plan for the Drawing Room

The drawing room is an important part of a house as it is the first room to any set-up. This is also the place where members and guests spend maximum time. It is a great place for entertainment and hence the ideal direction would be North-eastern or Eastern. This room can also be considered as a separate room in case the house is small. In such cases members tend to sleep in this room too. Hence this direction would be ideal to bring a balance and to maintain privacy.

Vaastu Plan for the Kitchen

The heart, stomach and brain of every individual mentally rest in the kitchen. We love enjoying a hearty meal and eagerly wait for our daily intake. However, a negative vibration can spoil the entire cooking process making food unsuitable for members. Hence, the perfect direction to eliminate negative vibrations would be South-eastern corner also considered as the dwelling place of Lord Agni. The gas, stove, Chula or any lighting materials should always be placed in the South-eastern direction. The platform should always be built in a way that the person faces east while cooking. The possibility of water tank or taps must be placed in the North-eastern direction. In case, you need shelves, they need to be placed in the Western or southern direction.

Vaastu Plan for the Bedroom

It is often considered the ideal place to catch ample rest and sleep. It is also the room which allows you maximum privacy of thoughts and moments. The room must always beam with peace, comfort and fresh. It brings out the most intimate moments in an individual. Hence, the bedroom must always be facing the South-western direction. This direction will always bring in stability and balance in relationships.

Vaastu Plan for the Bathroom

This room is also considered extremely important for every individual. This area always tends to be smaller than other rooms. The perfect direction would be North-western as it will bring in hygiene and balance. The members of the family might end up facing gastro problems in case the direction is messed up.


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