What is Aquarius Sun Signs Horoscope?

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What is Aquarius Sun Signs Horoscope?What is Aquarius Sun Signs Horoscope?

This is the 11th sign , represented by “SATRUN” in the Zodiac –way in the sky . The lord SATRUN rules the two sign continuously. The native f this sign are very cool & kind hearted peoples. They don’t expose as well as dress then solves careful or fashionably . These people have friendships with all type of man. They have quality to judge the others personality deeply. Inspire of heaving good friends circle they like to be lonely . The natives hate the cheating and don’t like to have loon from others . They don’t take the help of pilling to attain their targets. They oppose the old traditions and don’t be influenced by other’s pressure to change their decision in the mutter , they are dealing with.


The natives of this sign may become more successful if they adopt the activities of business like, Publishes, winter, scientist, astrology, photography as well as phsycology etc. They can become successful in industnes like cool-mines, timber as well as construction activities . However they may have to work hard in their cureer and can get success as a result of their efforts in the later years of life.


The natives of this sign have to face mostly due to defects in nervousness, paralysis, varicose veins and humorrhoids are the common for these people . They also feel irritation, problem with ears ,teeth and legs . One thing also is there the oilment takes a long time to be cured .


The financial position of the natives of this sign become sound in a later stage as a result of their hard working efforts. They remain in wavering financial position in yong age because they believe in fair play and also pay a fair composition to other also.


In the matter of love affairs they are rare to forget their be loved. These people prefer to have friend-ship then that of sexual relationship with the opposite sex. They are eager to make new friendship. In case of breakage in relationship as a result of some consequences, they are ever ready to reconnect the relutious. The females of this sign have the proper distance as regards to the relation with their male relation. they attract the opposite sex on the of their well dressed style, attractive hair style as well as theie walking –style.male of theis sign generally delay their marriage proposals & marry at a leter stage of life.

Lucky Stones Or Gems

Sapphires, black diamond

Lucky Colour

Black Dark, Grey, Dark Blue.

Lucky Days

Saturday & Wednesday

Lucky Numbers



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