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Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant
Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant
Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant
Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant
Pendant Thread
Product Reference
Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant
Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant
Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant
Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant
Pendant Thread
Product Reference

Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant

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Makes aura powerful, spreads happiness, performs alternative healing, calms the body & mind, removes problems, and heals overall life.

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Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant

Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant

Rs. 393.00
Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant – Negative Energy Blower

Crystals are precious gifts of nature to the human race. These formations are packed with immense cosmic energies that spread positivity all around. Clear crystal is one of the popular and favourite tools of energy healers with which they clear off destructive energies from within the body, surroundings & premises. This source of positive energy is worth trying.

Formation of the Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant:

This pendant is solid from the beginning and ends with a sharp point. The whole infrastructure represents the accumulation of abundant energy and a point to direct that energy towards the body. Additionally, the 7 chakra stones affixed to this pendant give power to your energy wheels, thus, improving the overall quality of life.

What are the benefits of wearing a Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant?
  • Why people do not like you, why problems find you, why only you face deceit or why all bad things happen to you are some communal problems faced by people. It transpires because of your negative aura that attracts negative things only. To attract good things, you must cleanse your aura and make it positive; for which, you can simply use the crystal 7 chakra pendant. Not only this pendant makes your aura positive but sustains it also by not letting negative energies affect it.
  • It is the greatest self-healing tool that is used for alternative healing. By infusing a surge of cosmic energy inside the body, it cures many diseases, pains, and discomforts. If any disease has been torturing you for a long, wearing a crystal 7 chakra pendant is recommended to increase the healing capacity of the body.
  • Not only for physical health, but this physician pendant is workable for mental health as well. It cures psychological issues and keeps the mind calm regardless of the situation.
  • Crystal 7 chakra pendant makes you physically & mentally strong, with which you assume the energy to perform any task with added excellence.
  • When you emit positivity, you attract all that is meaningful to you. This attractive pendant helps you attract potential customers in business & ample growth opportunities.
  • Having healing one of its main attributes, it heals broken or upset relationships as well. By removing clouds of dark energy, it spreads love, compassion and harmony.
  • It mainly activates & balances seven major chakras in the energy body, thus, healing one on the body, mind & soul level.
  • Due to its positive energies, it is a favourite pendant of people practising meditation, Kundalini Jagran, Yoga, energy healing, and fortune-telling.
How to charge & wear the Crystal 7 Chakra Pendant?

Follow the simple rule of charging the Citrine tree of life pendant:

  • Wash it with simple water or chanted/holy water (if available).
  • Keep it under the morning sunlight for a few minutes.
  • Wear the pendant on an auspicious day.

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