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Peach Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Peach Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Peach Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Product Reference
Peach Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Peach Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Peach Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Product Reference

Peach Moonstone Natural Raw Stones

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Peach Moonstone Natural Raw Stones

Peach Moonstone Natural Raw Stones

Rs. 393.00

Peach Moonstone Physical Properties

Chemical Classification: Orthoclase Variety
Colour: Peach, white, pink, green, brown, blue, grey, and colourless
Chemical Composition: (Na,K)AlSi3O8
Mohs scale Hardness: 6 – 6.5
Specific Gravity: 2.56 – 2.60
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Streak: White
Lustre: Vitreous
Diaphaneity: Transparent, Translucent
Cleavage: Perfect
Analytical Properties: Change in colour, shimmering, attractive, schiller effect
Peach Moonstone Forms: Beads, Cabochons, Gemstone, Faceted, Raw, Treated

“The road to pleasure leads through the peach moonstone!”

How is Peach Moonstone formed?

Moonstone is a type of feldspar-group mineral orthoclase. It is formed through an igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic process. Moonstone is made out of two feldspar minerals: orthoclase and albite. First, the two minerals are blended, and then as the recently framed mineral cools, the intergrown orthoclase and albite separate into stacked, substituting layers.

How does the Peach Moonstone assume colour?

The colour of Peach Moonstone is the upshot of the presence of manganese in it. Peach Moonstone rocks are predominantly accessible in red, pink & purple shades. The periodic darker tone of the mineral gives it a greyish tone. However, rarely but surely, Peach Moonstone is also available in the colourless or yellow shade.

What is so special about Peach Moonstone?

Like other varieties of moonstone, Peach Moonstone contains all the feminine energies, but it is given importance for establishing a connection between the heart and willpower. This healing stone develops self-love, and the owner feels the urge to do something for the self. In true manners, it teaches you the right way to treat yourself with which happiness comes.

Why should Peach Moonstone be your top choice?

Its primary job is to free the mind from unnecessary thoughts, hurtful emotions, and anything that causes worry. Peach Moonstone activates your happiness quotient and focuses you on the things that bring you joy & glee – the ultimate motive of doing anything.

Peach Moonstone belongs to which planet?

Peach Moonstone is pleasing to the Moon planet. It keeps emotions under control, the mind in its place, anxieties away, fortune at work, optimism on, and humanity within.

How can Peach Moonstone change your life?

If responsibilities halt you from pursuing your passion or hobbies, hire peach moonstone to make a way. Without even making you realize, this hobbyist stone will be bringing joy to your life via your feats only. People in arts, creativity & media receive beyond imagination results with the help of this pinkish stone.

Worries will exit from life when enters this exuberant stone. Concerns bothering now will feel trivial when you begin to work with the peach moonstone. Problems begin to resolve automatically after being friends with the peach moonstone.

This nourishing stone nurtures the scarce areas of your life. Mystical enough is the fact that how this clever stone finds out the problematic area of life and heals it as one watching. Perhaps these qualities only make it a must-have & superior among other varieties of moonstone.

A person free of worries and filled with butterflies of joy becomes rather capable of manifesting results. Such a person also becomes highly intuitive & spiritual! Connecting with the omnipresent becomes as easy as connecting to a friend via phone.

No painkiller can compete with the quick & lasting effect of peach moonstone. That is why experts recommend a peach moonstone to patients with anxiety & depression-like mental diseases. Working with the peach moonstone makes you comfortable the way you are and kills the causes of anxiety, tension, shame, guilt, and similar sensations.

Not only love for self, but this compassionate stone grows empathy for others as well, due to which you emerge as humanitarian & serving. The more love you share, the more love you will get!

With the support of peach moonstone, you keep growing in life ideally, which sets an example for others.

When you are physically fit, mentally healthy, and filled with healthy optimism 24/7, you attract opportunities, friends, love, and abundance into life. Moreover, Kundalini of such folks begins to rise upwards without making any effort!

Which diseases can be cured by Peach Moonstone?

Peach Moonstone is effective on diseases like asthma, aggression, depression, panic attacks, psychological disorders, hyperactivity, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, skin problems, aches, epilepsy and migraine.

How to use Peach Moonstone stone?

Here are some simple rituals to make the most of the Peach Moonstone stone:

Display the Crystal, Meditate with the Crystal, Keep Crystals on Chakras, Keep Crystals on Body, Manifestation, Wear Crystals, Carry Crystals, Bring Crystals to Yoga Practice, Bring Crystals to Spiritual & Psychic Practice, Block EMF Waves & Radiation, Sleep with Crystals, Heal & energize the belongings, and Use Crystal Grid.

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