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Pitambari Gemstone
Pitambari Gemstone
Pitambari Gemstone
Pitambari Gemstone
Pitambari Gemstone
Product Reference
Pitambari Gemstone
Pitambari Gemstone
Pitambari Gemstone
Pitambari Gemstone
Pitambari Gemstone
Product Reference

Pitambari Gemstone

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Pitambari or Nilambari gives blessings of Saturn & Jupiter, makes you discriminate, gets exceptional success in law, increases bank balance, makes personality desirable, develops maturity, gives problem-solving skills, and teaches the art of living.

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Pitambari Gemstone

Pitambari Gemstone

Pitambari is the combination of two powerful gemstones: blue sapphire and yellow sapphire. The sapphire belongs to the corundum family and is identical to the Gems like Ruby and white sapphire. Being siblings, all three stones may be found in the same mine sometimes and may observe the colour of each other. However, the only dimension used to tell them apart is the hardness. The sapphire is harder as compared to the other stones belonging to the corundum clan. Pitambari crystals are accessible on the twelve-sided prism. Typically this stone is accessible in the blue colour, but natural fancy sapphires are also available in yellow, orange, green, and purple colour.

How to identify genuine Blue Sapphire?

Genuine Pitambari Attributes -

Smooth, Transparent, Firm Color, Solid Body, Fine-cut & shape, Brilliance, High Specific Gravity.

What is the astrological significance of Saturn & Jupiter conjunction?

The conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn is one of the best, fair & beneficial conjunctions in astrology. Natives influenced by this powerful conjunction are low-abiding, hardworking, justice-loving, wise, and wealthy. This combination makes you a knower of Tantra, Mantra, Spirituality, and all occult sciences. It makes the native quite positive about life and anything good or bad happening in life. Such a native goes forward with patience and determination, thus, eventually achieving what he wants. People perceive such a native as a wise old soul who has all the answers and knowledge to solve any problem. This conjunction is supreme for success in the law field. It is also beneficial for Tantra Mantra Sadhna.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Pitambari Gemstone?
  • This cosmic stone adds an extra amount of luck to your life.
  • This stone of expansion helps accumulate possessions & a fat bank balance.
  • It enhances your discriminating and judgmental abilities; thus, helping you make the right & wise decisions.
  • It never lets you get affected by stress, depression & anxiety; conversely, keeps you in a joyful mood.
  • The combined stone of Saturn and Jupiter makes a male simply perfect.
  • This poised stone helps you assume a stable, balanced, attractive, and disciplined character having which you can handle any situation of life.
  • It gets you success in the law field and all fields in general; it also helps you gain popularity in your field and recognition for your deeds.
  • Pitambari is the best stone for business growth; it particularly supports investors and improves financial health.
  • If you are looking for success in the occult or spiritual field, the Pitambari gemstone becomes essential for you to succeed.
  • This two-fold gemstone helps you gain immense honour & recognition in society; people respect everywhere you go.
  • Rich with healing properties, Pitambari Stone helps fight skin disorders, diabetes, joint pain, high blood pressure, and chronic diseases.
  • It lessens the negative impact of the planet Saturn & Jupiter; in fact, it is especially beneficial if you have Jupiter & Saturn conjunction in the horoscope.
In which metal to wear Pitambari Gemstone?
  • Silver or gold is suitable to mount the Pitambari gemstone.
In which finger to wear Pitambari Gemstone?
  • Prefer to wear the Pitambari gem on the middle finger of the right hand.
What are the other methods to wear Pitambari Gemstone?
  • Wear it as a bracelet.
  • Wear it around the neck.
  • Keep it in the purse or pocket.
  • Keep it under the pillow or mattresses.
What is the Mantra for Pitambari Gemstone?


Jupiter Mantra: “Aum Greem Groom Sa Gurveh Namha”

Saturn Mantra: “Aum Pram Preem Prom Sah Shanaishcharaye Namah”

Chant the given mantras 23,000 times to charge the Pitambari gemstone.

How to wear Pitambari gemstone? How to charge Pitambari gemstone?
  • Bring a flawless Pitambari stone on an auspicious day.
  • Bring the stone in the evening on the suggested day and immediately give it to the jeweller to mount in a ring made up of gold or silver.
  • Make certain the back of the ring is open so the stone could touch the skin of the finger of the wearer.
  • Once the ring is ready, put it in the cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk – wash it with Ganga water, spring water, rainwater, or water kept overnight in a copper pot.
  • Write the Shani & Brihaspati Yantra on cloth using rice paste, red sandalwood paste, and Roli.
  • Take an engraved Yantra or idol of Saturn & Jupiter made up of either iron or steel, give them a bath - make them dry - place them on the same cloth on which the Yantras is written - place the ring on the same cloth.
  • Sit on a black woollen asana – recite the mentioned mantras 108 or 23,000 times – offer lamp, flowers, and incense to the Yantra and ring assuming them symbols of the Lords: Saturn & Jupiter.
  • Once done with the rites, wear the ring on the middle finger with a mind fixed on Lord Saturn & Jupiter.
What are the preventions for Pitambari gemstone?
  • Remove it before taking a bath.
  • Remove it before sleeping.

Age Group:

0 – 80





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Female, Male, Unisex

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Fashion, Fortune



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Regular Size


Lab Certified, Occultmaster Assurance

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