Home Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Product Reference
Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones
Product Reference

Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones

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Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones

Rainbow Moonstone Natural Raw Stones

Rs. 393.00

Rainbow Moonstone Physical Properties

Chemical Classification: Potassium Feldspar
Colour: Creamy, grey, white with flashes of blue
Chemical Composition: NaAlSi3O8 and CaAl2Si2O8
Mohs scale Hardness: 6 – 6.1/2
Specific Gravity: 2.56 – 2.582.56 – 2.58
Crystal System: Triclinic
Streak: White
Lustre: Vitreous
Diaphaneity: Transparent, Translucent
Cleavage: Perfect, twofold
Analytical Properties: Colourless inclusions (occasional), twinning planes, soft, soothing
Rainbow Moonstone Forms: Beads, Cabochons, Gemstone, Faceted, Raw, Treated

See beyond with the lens of Rainbow Moonstone!

How is Rainbow Moonstone formed?

Rainbow moonstone is typically found in places with hydrothermal and volcanic activities. This stone is a variety of the feldspar group minerals orthoclase and albite easily found in the continental crust. This rock is classified into two categories: a Mix of Sodium (Na) & Calcium (Ca) and chemical potassium. Geologically, the moonstone emerges when encountering water and fuming dense magma. When exposed to water, the magma beings to cool & settle down. The mineral cluster with the formation of crystals within the rocks may cause a volcanic eruption. These crystals release in stratums, and when light falls between these stratums, it strews here & there. In some localities, rainbow moonstone is also known as white Labradorite.

How does the Rainbow Moonstone assume colour?

The formation process – as explained above – is quite lengthy, and the rainbow moonstone receives its colour during this process only. Its Moonlike sheen is the adularescence phenomenon.

What is so special about Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow moonstone is popular for giving vision with which man could see things beyond their worldly aspect. In the material world, it helps forecast business plans, speculation, gambling, profit & loss, and the reality of people & situations. In the spiritual world, it helps in making predictions, psychic reading, meditation, connecting with the omnipresent, and nailing the occult sciences.

Why should Rainbow Moonstone be your top choice?

It connects your power with the universal power, thus, manifesting mystical experiences in life. Rainbow Moonstone clears mental & emotional clutter and frees up space for positive thoughts, betterment, happiness, innovative ideas, creativity & divinity.

Rainbow Moonstone belongs to which planet?

Rainbow Moonstone possesses qualities of the planet Moon and delivers calmness, relaxation, soothing energies, psychic vision, beauty, spirituality, intuition, and gains.

How can Rainbow Moonstone change your life?

This soothing stone dismisses the chaos and brings balance to life. If problems keep coming into life and keep you occupied all along, seek refuge in the rainbow moonstone; this milky stone will give life the much-needed subtle spa and introduce you to deep relaxation.

No matter how many occult science classes you take, if you don’t have the divine vision, you won’t be able to offer accurate predictions & remedies. That is why occultists & practitioners work with rainbow moonstones to develop psychic vision.

Its influence is apparent in relationships! Where rainbow moonstone is present, people will share harmonious relationships there. The place will be filled with compassion, caring, sharing, hospitality, and laughter. Even if an aggressive person enters the ambience filled with rainbow moonstone rays, he/she becomes calm.

Its healing power is so strong that anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and other psychological disorders begin to heal on their own, and the person achieves mental health. Indeed, such a stone is requisite for personal growth.

Activities of purification & cleansing keep happening automatically when the rainbow moonstone is established. The sanctified place & people are likely to entice meaningful opportunities in life.

It is an effortless way of balancing Chakras. When chakras are aligned, related problems fade away, and prosperity & health arrive. This stone of awareness helps you meet your higherself.

This rock is so heavenly that it fixes a belief inside the person that whatever happened was for good, whatever happening is for good, and whatever will happen is for good. This much stable person is tough to shake by problems, difficulties or hurdles.

Which diseases can be cured by Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow Moonstone is a panacea for neuron disorders, insomnia, restlessness, irritation, pain, migraine, asthma, lungs, body fluids, cold & cough.

How to use Rainbow Moonstone stone?

Here are some simple rituals to make the most of the Rainbow Moonstone stone:

Display the Crystal, Meditate with the Crystal, Keep Crystals on Chakras, Keep Crystals on Body, Manifestation, Wear Crystals, Carry Crystals, Bring Crystals to Yoga Practice, Bring Crystals to Spiritual & Psychic Practice, Block EMF Waves & Radiation, Sleep with Crystals, Heal & energize the belongings, and Use Crystal Grid.

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0 – 80




Creamy, grey, white with flashes of blue



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Female, Male, Unisex

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Raw Stone




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