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Shungite Natural Raw Stones
Shungite Natural Raw Stones
Shungite Natural Raw Stones
Product Reference
Shungite Natural Raw Stones
Shungite Natural Raw Stones
Shungite Natural Raw Stones
Product Reference

Shungite Natural Raw Stones

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Shungite Natural Raw Stones

Shungite Natural Raw Stones

Rs. 393.00

Shungite Physical Properties

Chemical Classification: Carbonaceous Rocks
Colour: Black, bronze, grey, metallic
Mohs scale Hardness: 3.5 – 4
Specific Gravity: 2.3
Lustre: Sub-Metallic
Crystal System: Amorphous
Analytical Properties: Colour, luster, hardness, slippery, fibrous
Shungite Forms: Beads, Cabochons, Gemstone, Faceted, Raw, Treated

A Shungite stone costs less than medicines!

How is Shungite formed?

Shungite is a black, lustrous, non-crystalline mineraloid composed mainly of carbon. Its hardness varies depending on the type of Shungite: (I) elite Shungite, which is the purest and softest form of Shungite, with a hardness of 1.5-2 on the Mohs scale (II) regular Shungite that has a higher concentration of other minerals and is harder than the elite Shungite, with a hardness of 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale.

This unique stone is primarily found in the Karelia region of Russia. It is believed to be around two billion years old and is composed of nearly 98% carbon. The origin of Shungite is still a matter of debate among scientists, but there are several theories.

One theory is that Shungite was formed from the remains of ancient sea organisms that lived in the area around 2 billion years ago. As these organisms died, their remains settled on the sea floor covered with layers of sediment. Over time, heat and pressure transformed the organic material into Shungite.

Another theory is that Shungite was formed by a meteorite that struck the earth around 2 billion years ago. The impact caused intense heat and pressure, which transformed the surrounding organic material into Shungite.

Regardless of its origin, Shungite is a unique and powerful stone with a variety of benefits, including its ability to absorb and neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation.

What is so special about Shungite?

Purification is the screaming quality of Shungite stone. Due to having the carbon element, Shungite is used for water purification. It has an amazing quality of absorbing impurities; thusly, when kept in a premise, negativity fades away.

Why should Shungite be your top choice?

If maintaining a healthy & worth-breathing ambience is your fad, Shungite must be in your collection. It delivers a contamination-free atmosphere which keeps diseases, allergies, pollution, and discomfort away.

Shungite belongs to which planet?

This cleansing stone is used to please the planet, Mercury, thus, imparts divine wisdom, gets impressive communication skills, strengthens calculations, makes smart & witty, and attracts abundant opportunities.

How can Shungite change your life?

Shungite contains antioxidant properties & anti-inflammatory because of this, it is used as an active ingredient in cosmetics or skin care products. It treats all skin disorders and radiates & rejuvenates the skin.

Adding to its healing properties, Shungite is a stress buster that delivers deep relaxation, which heals at the physical, mental & emotional levels. The healer Shungite is used for quick energy healing as no other stone can absorb negativity as quickly as Shungite. Many healers use it in the first place to provide instant relief to the suffering subject.

Wherever kept, Shungite absorbs all the negativity & impurities and maintains a pure, healthy & happy environment. Allergies people must make the most of this healing stone to keep contaminations away from them.

It pulls out of you the shame, guilt, self-doubt, hurtful feelings, or whatever hinders your growth. Shungite ensures the free flow of energy with which energy, confidence, skills, and knacks develop automatically. Isn’t it quite an interesting, quick, and effective stone?

Sitting under the Shungite vibrations makes one optimistic, positive, creative, and able to influence others. A peculiar positivity is felt in its presence. People & money follow the league of Shungite; hence, it proved to be a lucky stone for shops, showrooms, factories, offices, or any workplace.

Which diseases can be cured by Shungite?

Shungite treats conditions like toxicants, severe pains, pigmentation, blood pressure, allergies, infections, sprains, skin issues, restlessness, insomnia, and weak energy.

How to use Shungite stone?

Here are some simple rituals to make the most of the Shungite stone:

Display the Crystal, Meditate with the Crystal, Keep Crystals on Chakras, Keep Crystals on Body, Manifestation, Wear Crystals, Carry Crystals, Bring Crystals to Yoga Practice, Bring Crystals to Spiritual & Psychic Practice, Block EMF Waves & Radiation, Sleep with Crystals, Heal & energize the belongings, and Use Crystal Grid.

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