Capricorn- Lucky Gemstone, Features, Mantra?

Capricorn Lucky Gemstone, Capricorn Mantra ,Capricorn Subtitute Stone,Capricorn Recommended Stone

Capricorn- Lucky Gemstone, Features, Mantra?

Name started by letter Bho, Ja, Ji, Khe, Khu, Khi, Kho, Go, Gi

Capricorn- Lucky Gemstone, Features, MantraThose who come under this sun-sign are Fearless people, they are clear in their thoughts, and believe in Dreams. This sun-sign is ruled by Planet Saturn. Recommended stone for this sun-sign is Blue Sapphire.

Recommended Stone Blue Sapphire

Subtitute Stone Amethist, Black Star, Lapis, Black Agate


About Blue Sapphire

This is valuable stone, and is mostly found in Burma, Srilanka, Bangkok, India, and Australia. Chemical composition of this stone is Aluminum, Oxygen and Cobalt. It is heavy in weight and is less Transparent. It is found mostly in Light Blue colour, Dark Blue colour, Sky blue, and Purple colour. And must have spider web structure, or dark spots inside. It cost depends upon its inside structure, lesser the dark spots, more is the cost. Blue Sapphire basically comes from Srilanka.


Its Features and Imporatnce

It is ruled by Planet Saturn, all the faults related to planet Saturn loose malfeasance. People of sun-sign Capricorn and Aquarius can wear this stone as well. This stone shows its results very fast but its effects are both positive and negative. So, before wearing Blue Sapphire one should must wear Amethyst. If Amethyst suits the person well, only then he/she can go for Blue Sapphire. It helps in case of health, Wealth, age, good memory, Fame, Glory and in Mental Peace. It enhances Business too. It is very beneficial for Lawyers, Business people, Service men, Transporters, and Police Officer. It is good for Hair problems. It changes fortune very fast. It is good in overcoming bad luck.


How to wear Gem Stone?

Blue Sapphire should be of minimum 3.5 Rattis or more Rattis is even better. It is recommended to wear coral in Gold, Silver or in Iron. It is to kept in copper utensil by adding sugar, fresh milk and holy water on Friday and on Saturday morning one can wear it with chanting mantras.

Mantra in English

Om Praan Preen Pron sah shanay namah.

Mantra in Hindi

ऊं प्रां प्रीं प्रौं स: शनये नम:

Note: The day Blue Sapphire is wear, it shows its effects till 5years.


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