Leo- Lucky Gemstone, Features, Mantra?

Leo Lucky Gemstone

Leo- Lucky Gemstone, Features, Mantra?

Name started by letter Ma,Mi,Mu,Me,Mo,Ta,Ti,Tu,Te

Leo- Lucky Gemstone, Features, MantraThe sun-sign is owned by Planet Sun. Native’s having sun-sign Leo are adamant in nature and are full of anger, but are good at heart Recommended stone for this sun-sign is Ruby.

Recommended Stone Ruby

Subtitute Stone Ratva Agate, Garnet

About Ruby

icon1This stone is found in the rocks of Granite and is one of the most expensive stone. It is mostly found in rocks of Burma, Srilanka, Kabul, Himalayas, and Kashmir. Chemical composition of Ruby is Aluminium oxide. It is available in dark red colour, of lotus colour and of rose colour too. It is of Transparent and Translucent in appearance, whereas Transparent Ruby is costly.

Its Features and Imporatnce

icon1After wearing Ruby, all the faults related to planet Sun loose malfeasance. This stone should wear by those having weak Planet sun during birth time. It helps to control anger, removes negativity of a person. Basically one get satisfaction in all works and increase in wealth is obvious. All kinds of problems like fear, distress, tensions loose malfeasance. Person gets stabilility in mind too. It prevents internal fever and gives all round happiness.

How to wear Gem Stone?

icon1Ruby should be of minimum 4-5 Rattis but more or rattis is also good. It is recommended to wear Ruby in Gold or silver. It is to be worn on Sunday by washing it with fresh milk and holy water. It is to be wear before 10am.

Mantra in English

Om Haan Heen, Hron sah suryae namah.

Mantra in Hindi

ऊं ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रों स: सूर्याय नम:

Note: The day ruby is worn, it shows its effects till 4 years.