Leo Yearly Horoscope For 2026

Leo Yearly Horoscope For 2026

“Free Leo Yearly Horoscope For 2026″

This Year, Saturn would remain in Pisces Sign Eighth House. Up to November 25, Rahu would be in Aquarius Sign Seventh House and offer that it transits Capricorn Sign Sixth House. In the first half of the year, Jupiter would be in Gemini Sign Eleventh House and on June 02, it transits Cancer Sign First House. On October 31, Jupiter would enter Leo Sign First House by having rapid motion. This year, Mars would propagate at its normal pace. In the beginning of the year, up to February 01, Venus would remain Combust and also October for fourteen days.


This year would bear fruits of average size in regard to work and profession perspective. Transit of Saturn and Rahu being unfavorable, you would not have success in domain of your work. Latent foes and opponents would be at their toes forcreating problems in your work. There would be mental stress regarding business. During this period neither vest faith in anybody nor take any important decision hastily.

After June 02, time period would be affected adversely. At that time you could be cheated or face losses in business. Always have positive thanking as in the end of the year transit of both Rahu and Jupiter would turn favorable. At that time gains would start inflowing from your business and domain of work.

Wealth, Property

First half of the year would have average impact on economic perspective. There would be ceaseless flow of income because of Jupiter in Eleventh House. You would get whole hearted cooperation of your brothers. After June 02, time period would take turn toward more auspicious events. You would incur expenditure for treatment of a disease, your spouse is suffering from along with this certain expenses would be imposed which lends and budget into disequilibrium.

Do not invest in any venture involving any sort of risk. Be cautious in your transactions. After October 31, time period would turn more favorable.

House, Family and Society

This year would yield a moderate effects family point of view. In the beginning of the year, you would not be able to devote due time to your family because of pre-engagements but an environment of peace and harmony would prevail in your family. You would bag cooperation of your brothers. Due to aspectual effect of Jupiter on Third House, your social status and prestige would take a step forward.

After June 02, transit of Jupiter is becoming more propitious. At that time you could have disconformity with any elderly member of your family .So, it is better to gain an impetus to your power of tolerance and capacity to take proper decisions. Rahu in Seventh House Might cause ill effects on health of your spouse.


First half of the year would be favorable for children perspective. Since Jupiter is aspecting Fifth House, so your children would climb the ladder of success. They would reach the pedestal of their aim is and objections by dint of their mental capabilities. Renascence would occur in their education. Highly auspicious time period is running for newlyweds to have impregnation. i.e. conceiving for a baby. All round development of your children is ensured during this period. Their all ways this interval is not in much favor for your second child.

After June 06, time period would become a bit adverse. There could be some health problems of your children which might tell upon their education. But after October 31, time period would proceed towards betterment.


First half of the year would be moderately auspicious for health point of view. Because of unfavorable transit of Saturn and Rahu, there could be some problems regarding health. Deterioration of health might take place all of a sudden but sooner recovery is indicted by Jupiter in Eleventh House.

After June 02, your health might of adversely affected by minor and insignificant diseases. Don’t be over worried on the issues involving economic aspect or any other matter. Otherwise your health would be the target for all these affairs. Because of Jupiter in watery sign in Twelfth House, diseases due to phlegm or weather might be caused. It would be a boon for you to take exercise in the morning or practice Yoga. Health would start turning normal after October 31.

Career and Competition

First half of the year would be favorable for students. Since Jupiter exercises aspectual effect on Fifth House, so admission of students desirous of higher education is promised in a highly reputed institution. The students acquiring professional education shall have to put in very sincere efforts for achieving success.

After June 02, the time period is looking forward for competitive examinations shall have to put in untiring and goal oriented efforts. The natives who have not yet got any service, there are probabilities for more wait for them. After November 24, Rahu would transit Sixth House. There are indications for success in your career at that time.

Travel and Transfer

This year would be favorable for journey perspective. There would be short and insignificant journeys in the beginning of the year. After June 02 there are probabilities for foreign journeys because of Jupiter posited in Twelfth House.

Since Jupiter exercises its aspectual effect on Fourth House, so there are indications for the visit to birth place about the natives residing in far flung areas.

Religious Deeds and Propitiation of Planets

This year would bear sweet fruits for religious deeds. Because of Jupiter in Eleventh House, you would be more inclined towards worship, devotion for god or Mantra Path etc. After June 02, Jupiter would transit in Twelfth House. At that time you would be more involved in doing donations and charities.

  1. Serve a priest in the temple, elders, religious preachers and Brahmins.
  2. Donate banana, yellow colored pulses and Laddus of Besan in Charity in a temple. Observe fast on Thursday.
  3. Donate black articles/items or black blankets in charity on Saturday.
  4. Offer food to the poor.

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