Leo Yearly Horoscope For 2025

Leo Yearly Horoscope For 2025

“Free Leo Yearly Horoscope For 2025″

In the beginning of the year Saturn would be in 7th house in Aquarius and Rahu would be in 8th in Pisces and on 29th March Saturn would move into 8th house in Pisces. On 30th May Rahu would move into Aquarius in 7th house. In the beginning of the year Jupiter would be in 10th house in Taurus and on 14th May it would move into Gemini in 11th house and after that it would enter into sign Cancer in 12th house with rapid motion and then again it would move into Gemini sign in 11th house on 4th December.


This year would bring in mixed results in your work. The placement ofSaturn in 7th house in the beginning of the year is beneficial for the progress in business. Guidance of experienced people shall help you to give a new shape to business. The 10th house Jupiter indicates promotion and you will be getting support of seniors and officers.

After May the hidden enemies and adversaries might create problems in your work however the transit of Jupiter in 11th house would control the situation thereby bringing financial gains. Do not take any decision in a hurry otherwise you shall have to suffer.

Wealth, Property

You shall be able to make development in matters related to land, property, house, vehicle and jewelry etc. You would be spending money on material comforts.

The transit of Jupiter after May shall bring in some chances of increase in income and you might get your blocked money too. You shall have to spend money on the marriage of brother, sister or your son.

House, Family and Society

The beginning of the year is favorable for your family andthe atmosphere of peace and harmony would remain intact. You would be getting cooperation of whole family.

After the month of May you would be happy in your love relation. The aspect of Jupiter on 3rd house is favorable for your social reputation and your active participation in social activities would be beneficial.


This year is average for your children in the first half of it however after May excellent for the health, education, career and marriage of children. The newly married couple can expect the birth of child and the time period can be considered auspicious for conceiving.

The time period is promising for the all-round progress of your 1st child whereas it might give average results for second child.


Your health shall remain average in this year. You won’t be satisfied mentally. The first half of the year won’t be very favorable for health and you might suffer from mental tensions. You would not be happy at heart.

After May there would be improvement in health and your immunity would get enhanced with your continuous efforts like regular exercise and controlled diet.

Career and Competition

In the first half of the year you shall be successful in competitive examinations. Those who are unemployed are likely to get job of their choice.

After May the time period is favorable for educational success. If you want to get admission in some educational institute then for that also you don’t have to wait now.

Travel and Transfer

It would turn out to be a favorable year for journeys and you are likely to go on long journeys in the first half of the year. You are likely to visit your native place this year and after May the probability of short journeys is also there.

You shall also be going on business related journeys. Be cautious while driving and going on journey.

Religious Deeds and Propitiation of Planets

In the beginning of the year you won’t be able to give much time to Puja and other religious activities however after May you will be chanting the mantra of your IshtaDevta and take interest in performing Yagyas, Hawan and Anushthaan.

  1. Establish Sriyantra at place of worship and chant Srisuktam and Laxmi suktam daily.
  2. Chant Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.

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