Shubh Muhurat For Annaprashan April 2023

This page provides shubh muhurat for Annaprashan april 2023. Annaprashan is also known as Bhaatkhulai and Mukhe. Annaprashan is conducted when your baby is ready to eat solid from a liquid diet. First time eating food is very popular in hindu culture. Below chart contains all days to come across that which day and time is best for annaprashan in april 2023.

Shubh Muhurat For Annaprashan April 2023

Date Time


06/04/2023 07:03-10:34
07/04/2023 15:05-21:58
10/04/2023 10:18-14:53
24/04/2023 11:38-20:51
26/04/2023 13:50-20:43
27/04/2023 07:29-13:46

Shubh Muhurat For Annaprashan for April 2023 Ends Here.