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Opal Gemstone
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Opal Gemstone
Opal Gemstone
Opal Gemstone
Product Reference
Opal Gemstone
Opal Gemstone
Opal Gemstone
Opal Gemstone
Opal Gemstone
Opal Gemstone
Opal Gemstone
Product Reference

Opal Gemstone

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Opal fetches blessings of Venus & Mars, makes aura attractive & irresistible, makes sex life blissful, fetches extravagances, fetches fat profits, removes delays in marriage, gives the desired physique, and gives everything to live a worthy life.

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Opal occupies the throne of queen of gems. It not only enhances the grace of ornaments but has amazing astrological benefits. Its association with the most favourite planet Venus makes it the most sought after stone. It is capable of giving one a luxurious life full of pleasures. It is accessible in different forms from transparent to opaque.

How to identify genuine Opal?

Genuine Opal Attributes

Asymmetrical, Multi-Coloured Layers

What is the astrological significance of planet Venus?

Venus is the synonym of pleasure, particularly the pleasure shared with someone else, such as a conjugal relationship. The way we manage our overall existence is because of the position of Venus in the chart. It gives us the sense of what we need to stay beautiful & healthy. This planet is the teacher of demons, hence, is against the planet Jupiter - the teacher of gods.

Venus is the symbol of love, romance, beauty, marriage, love affairs, sensuality, passion, luxuries and comfort, etc. When Venus is benefic in the horoscope, it provides the native with beautiful features, beauty, sensuous nature, wealth, luxury, comfort, and attraction to the opposite sex. It develops a taste for tasty food, arts, Jewellery, cosmetics, poems, and music.

Conversely, when Venus is malefic in the horoscope, it causes disturbed married life, divorce, exudation of semen, loss in business, defame through sex scandals, loss of marital things, etc. It gets diseases like eye diseases, ovaries, mucous membranes, gout, anaemia, weak sexual organs, seminal diseases, and overindulgence in sex, eating & drinking, etc.

People affected by the malefic effects of Venus shall wear good quality and flawless Opal mounted in silver. It lessens the ill effects of Venus and receives positive effects by attracting its grace.

What are the Benefits of Wearing an Opal Stone?
  • It brings good luck, happiness, and positivity, thus, making your aura pleasing.
  • It bolsters self-love, mental peace, and composure.
  • It is an ultimate remedy to attract the desired love partner in life.
  • It makes you impressively creative & artistic; a creative touch will be present in everything you do, which would certainly gain praise.
  • It gives you success and fame in creative and artistic fields.
  • It removes problems and delays in marriage, nay helps you get the desired spouse.
  • It improves relationships and strengthens significant bonds like marriage.
  • It never lets romance elapse of life and makes the sex life satisfying.
  • It works as an emotional healer that strengthens your feelings but prevents being over-emotional for unnecessary people and desires.
  • It gives unbelievable business success and heavy profits; it is especially profitable stone businesses related to luxury, fashion, design, garments, consultancy, etc.
  • It improves your demeanour by keeping you calm & mature under any circumstance.
  • It removes weight issues and imperfections in looks, thus, blessing you with an ideal body shape and attractive appearance.
  • It enhances beauty, lustre, charm and attraction that others cannot resist gazing at you.
  • It showers wealth, luxuries, comforts, and all material pleasures.
  • It gives you a treasure of clothes, cosmetics, ornaments, and things of beauty.
  • It makes your surroundings beautiful and sponsors inner and external bliss.
  • It manifests your desires, and everything you need comes to you easily.
  • It improves your health and prevents critical ailments like kidney disorders, sugar, eyes, and adrenal glands.
  • It is a single solution for all skin problems and blesses with a natural glow.
  • Giving you all the love, prosperity, luxuries, beauty, peace and health, it helps you live life to the fullest.
In which metal to wear Opal?

Silver, white gold & platinum are suitable to mount the Opal.

In which finger to wear Opal gemstone?

Prefer to wear Opal on the ring finger.

What are the other methods to wear Opal?
  • Wear it as a bracelet.
  • Wear it around the neck.
  • Keep it in the purse or pocket.
  • Keep it under the pillow or mattresses.
What is the Mantra for Opal?

Mantra: “Aum Shum Shukraye Namah Aum”

Chant the given mantra 16,000 times to charge the Opal.

How to wear Opal? How to charge Opal?
  • Bring the Opal on a Friday in Bharni, PurvaPhalguni or Purvakshad Nakshatra. You may also bring it when Venus is in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces. The morning between sunrises to 11:00 am is the ideal time to bring it.
  • The Opal shall be a minimum 1rattika in weight. If you can afford, buy the Opal one or one-half carats in weight.
  • In the same Hora, make the Opal fixed in a ring made up of silver, gold, or platinum. Make certain the back of the ring is open so the stone could touch the skin of the finger of the wearer.
  • Once the ring is ready, put it in raw milk of cow for some time – wash it with the holy water of Ganga, rainwater, spring water or water kept in the copper pot overnight – place the ring on a white cloth on which the Venus Yantra has been drawn using the rice-paste and saffron – place the Venus Yantra engraved on a silver plate of about 7 grams in weight on the same cloth – offer Tilak, flowers, incense, perfume, and a ghee lamp.
  • Recite the mentioned mantra either 108 or 16,000 times.
  • Sit on a white woollen Asana facing east or southeast while performing the worship/rites.
  • Meditate on the ring assuming it symbol of Venus.
  • Wear the ring on the middle finger of either hand. You may also wear it on your little finger.
  • Once done with the rites, cover the Yantra in white cloth and donate it to the priest or keep it in the worship room.
What are the preventions for Opal?
  • Remove it before taking a bath.
  • Remove it before sleeping.
Refund Policy

If you are refunding the gemstone after opening its seal packing, then we are rightful to deduct an amount of 350 to 1500 INR. To avoid such deduction, you have to send us the item with an authenticity certificate from a nearby government approved laboratory.

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  • If you want to return the parcel, courier charges (Rs 200) will be deducted.
  • If you have ordered a charged bracelet, charges of the courier and charging of the bracelet will be deducted.
  • Rudraksha(s) will be accepted back only if the buyer sends its certificate from a government-approved lab.
  • As per our return policy, if you have any issues with the product(s), you have to return the item(s) in the exact condition within 24 hours after delivery. After 24 hours, the product(s) pandit.com will not accept the order back.
  • If you are refunding the gemstone after opening its seal packing, then we are rightful to deduct an amount of 350 to 1500 INR. To avoid such deduction, you have to send us the item with an authenticity certificate from a nearby government-approved laboratory.
  • Multiple payments against the same order will be refunded in full (without deducting transaction charges on the duplicate payments), after retaining the cost of a singular order.

Cash on Delivery

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Dear Customer, if you are placing an order through COD, then you will get an address confirmation call twice from our side. In case we do not get any response from your side, your order will get cancelled, and you have to place the order again.

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