Shubh Muhurat For Namkaran January 2023

This page provides shubh muhurat for namkaran january 2023. In Hindu Culture, Namkaran is one of the most important ceremony. This ceremony is also known as Palanarohan. On that day new born child is given a name. This ceremony should be held on the tenth day from the birth of child. Below table shows the auspicious time for Namkaran in january 2023.

Shubh Muhurat For Namkaran January 2023

Date Time


04/01/2023 08:30-10:13
23/01/2023 07:44-08:58
26/01/2023 07:43-11:38
27/01/2023 10:10-11:34

Shubh Muhurat For Namkaran for January 2023 Ends Here.