Libra Yearly Horoscope

Libra Yearly Horoscope For 2021

Libra Yearly Horoscope For 2021

“Free Libra Yearly Horoscope For 2021″

This year Saturn would remain in Capricorn Sign in Fourth House and Rahu in Taurus Sign in Eighth House on April 06 Jupiter would enter Aquarius Sign in Fifth House and on September 14, it transits Capricorn Sign in Fourth House on becoming retrograde. On November 20, Jupiter would again enter Aquarius Sign in Fifth House on turning direct. Mars would move at its normal motion. From February 17 to April 19, Venus would remain combust.


Beginning of the year would be very much auspicious for work and profession perspective. You would have good gains from domain of your work because of combined aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on Tenth House. You would get benefits from higher officials at different tunes. You would be able to evolve solutions for your problems by dint of professional capabilities and efficiencies.

You would remain energetic and active for your daily routine and perform very well in domain of your work. There are strong indications for promotion of employed people. There would be augmentation of your profession from April 06 to September  14. There  would  be  success  in  works  related  to  guidance  and counseling.

Wealth, Property

This year would be favorable for economic perspective throughout. There would be continuity in acquiring wealth but due to expenditure on family affairs, desired savings cannot be achieved. Saturn and Jupiter affect Fourth House hence there would be investment for family comforts, land, building and vehicle.

You would gain from building made in any business but do not take any risk while making cooperation which helps in acquiring wealth. The time period would be more favorable after April 06.

House, Family and Society

The beginning of the year would be favorable for family point of view. Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Fourth House would bestow peace and comforts upon your family in the beginning of the year. You would get cooperation of your family members and auspicious ceremonies be celebrated in the family.

You would get favorable results with regard to children between April 06 to September 14.


The beginning of the year would be moderately auspicious for children perspective. After April 06, Jupiter would transit Fifth House. At that time, newly married couple might be blessed with children. Your children would make progress.

You would get good informative (News) about your first child. If your child is of marriageable age, he/she could have marriage ceremony.


This year would be moderately auspicious for health point of view. If you are suffering from some weather borne disease you would recover soon. After April 06, Jupiter would have aspect on Ascendant which causes development of your immunity and personality. You would take more interest in activities such as vegetarian diet, Yoga and taking exercise to develop your personality.

After September 14 you might face some mental tension and Rahu in Eighth House indicates a sudden deterioration of your health. Therefore donate articles related to Rahu in charity regularly.

Career and Competition

This year would be moderately auspicious for candidates appearing in competitive examinations. To get success in competitive examinations you shall have to work hard regularly.

After April 06 Jupiter in Fifth House is a very strong indication for success of students. You would get admission in a good institution for higher education.

Travel and Transfer

There is no indication for any journey in the beginning of the year. After April 06, there are strong indications for long journey due to effect of aspect of Jupiter on Ninth House. Rahu in Eighth House might cause a voyage (Journey by sea).

People residing away from their birth places would enjoy a journey to their birth place along with their family members. Those who are employed would get transfer on promotion.

Religious Deeds and Propitiation of Planets

This year gives indications for having blessings of lshtaDev, worship of god, Pilgrimage and construction of Temples for you.

  1. Recite Rahu Mantra and donate black colored articles pm Saturday in charity.
  2. Wear Durga Beesa Yantra in your neck.
  3. Offer Chola to Hanumanji for 21 Tuesday.

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