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Amethyst Natural Raw Stones
Amethyst Natural Raw Stones
Amethyst Natural Raw Stones
Product Reference
Amethyst Natural Raw Stones
Amethyst Natural Raw Stones
Amethyst Natural Raw Stones
Product Reference

Amethyst Natural Raw Stones

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Amethyst Natural Raw Stones

Amethyst Natural Raw Stones

Rs. 393.00

Amethyst Physical Properties

Chemical Classification: Silicate
Colour: Purple (Light to Dark)
Chemical Composition: SiO2
Mohs scale Hardness: 7
Specific Gravity: 2.6 to 2.7
Crystal System: Hexagonal
Streak: Colourless
Lustre: Vitreous
Diaphaneity: Transparent to Translucent
Cleavage: None or Conchoidal fracture
Analytical Properties: Conchoidal fracture, glossy lustre, hardness, purple colour
Amethyst Forms: Beads, Cabochons, Faceted, Raw, Treated

"There will be either ignorance or Amethyst!"

How Amethyst is formed?

Amethyst is a variety of quartz – the second most common mineral on the earth in large amounts. Amethyst is a blend of silica mineral, oxygen & iron chunks. It occurs in hydrothermal veins and hot springs. This semi-precious stone is mined all over the world; Asia, South & North America, Brazil, Korea, Russia, and Zambia are its main hubs.

How Amethyst does assume purple colour?

Usually, amethyst is formed colourless, but the presence of impurities like iron & manganese causes its purple colour, which comes out when the stone undergoes gamma irradiation. The darkness of the purple colour depends upon the amount of iron in the crystal; the more iron, the darker the purple colour. However, under certain geological & chemical conditions, a deep purple colour is possible even with less iron. Adding to your knowledge, when the amethyst is exposed to high heat, its colour turns yellow and is sold as citrine.

What is so special about Amethyst?

Amethyst is a Greek word in which “A” stands for “Not” and “methyst” stands for drunken implies “not drunken”. It indicates that amethyst encourages leaving addictions or overindulgence in anything.

Why should Amethyst be your top choice?

If you are looking for something quite gentle, soothing & calming, the properties of amethyst are certainly going to magnetize your interest. Having an image of a celibate stone, amethyst is widely used in “spirituality”. As per ancient folks, this purple stone intensifies spiritual practices and establishes a quick connection with the omnipresent.

Amethyst belongs to which planet?

Amethyst is pleasing to the Saturn planet. It is also a birthstone of Aquarius. This stone promotes mental clarity & analytical skills.

How can Amethyst change your life?

The spiritual stone keeps influencing the higher chakras and develops sound intuition. Occultists – to throw accurate predictions & solutions – prefer to fill their ambience with the energy of the amethyst stone. This intuitive ability further facilitates decision-making, thus, improving quality of life.

The supremacy of amethyst is immeasurable as it leaves no space for the negativity of any sort. It is especially sought after to protect from black magic, Tantric attacks, evil eye, etc. It can even fade away the dense dark energies and fill the space with divine energies.

The environment filled with the vibrations of the amethyst stone is positive, happening, and calm & relaxing. If evil/hurtful/negative thoughts keep the mind occupied, living in the amethyst vibes may transform the thought pattern.

Some praise its creation power as well. Amethyst makes the brain creative & innovative, with which the receiver of its energy becomes able to invent. Such a stone is a boon for artists, singers, painters, poets, writers, composers, and businessmen.

Which diseases can be cured by Amethyst?

Amethyst crystal is synonymous with the healing tool. Wherever healing is concerned, amethyst will surely be mentioned. Rich with healing properties, amethyst is believed to boost immunity, calm the senses, regulate blood circulation, cure skin disorders, promote sound sleep, treat psychological disorders (anxiety, depression, insomnia, hyperactivity & panic attacks, etc.), help leave addiction, generates new cells, acts as a pain killer, and relieves headache/migraine.

How to use Amethyst stone?

Here are some simple rituals to make the most of the amethyst stone:

Display the Crystal, Meditate with the Crystal, Keep Crystals on Chakras, Keep Crystals on Body, Manifestation, Wear Crystals, Carry Crystals, Bring Crystals to Yoga Practice, Bring Crystals to Spiritual & Psychic Practice, Block EMF Waves & Radiation, Sleep with Crystals, Heal & energize the belongings, and Use Crystal Grid.

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