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Natural Ketu Mukta Mani
Natural Ketu Mukta Mani
Natural Ketu Mukta Mani
Natural Ketu Mukta Mani
Natural Ketu Mukta Mani
Product Reference
Natural Ketu Mukta Mani
Natural Ketu Mukta Mani
Natural Ketu Mukta Mani
Natural Ketu Mukta Mani
Natural Ketu Mukta Mani
Product Reference

Natural Ketu Mukta Mani

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Treats genital issues, prevents miscarriages, blesses with male progeny, causes liberation & spiritual awakening, improves talents, removes obstacles, cuts Karmic bondages, and gets higher success.
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Natural Ketu Mukta Mani

Natural Ketu Mukta Mani

Rs. 996.00

When you are unable to understand the source or cause of complications in life, check your Ketu. This headless planet causes sudden events or troubles in life - to remedy which – natural Ketu Mukta Mani is the best.

Whenever you have a disease in the lower part of your stomach i.e. genitals, understand that your Ketu is giving malefic results - to cure which - wearing a Ketu Mani around the neck or on the body is important.

Ketu is the planet responsible for the male child; if there is difficulty in conceiving a male child or there is a problem of recurrent miscarriages then Ketu should be pacified by wearing a Ketu Mukta Mani, it protects the womb and creates/strengthens the male child Yoga.

Ketu is also a Karka of son-in-law. People facing problems and torture by their son-in-law have malefic Ketu. Ketu Mani is an apt remedy for controlling a son-in-law. With its blessing, he will begin to behave correctly with you.

The stones that fall on fate are nothing but the bad deeds of the past life, and Rahu and Ketu calculate the deeds of the past life. Therefore, with the help of Ketu Mukta Mani, you may get freedom from the bondage of the past Karmas and activate your luck.

Spiritual awakening happens at a different level with the help & blessings of Ketu Mani. Ketu is the Karka of spirituality & liberation for which intense piety, devotion, and penance are required. A common being can manage to reach the highest realm with the support of benefic Ketu merely. Once reached, material things, worldly worries, and tiny matters never bother him.

Adding to its spiritual merits, Ketu Mukta Mani helps gain Siddhis in Mantra, Tantra, words, and any other occult realm. This spiritual Mani has another side which is the capacity to give you jaw-opening success and ample material gains.

This divine stone of Ketu has no match when it comes to treating neurological disorders. It is an unfailing remedy for depression, illusions, phobias, anxiety, hypertension, seizures, fit, and any to mention.

It also blesses with talents, skills, multitasking, and huge gains. People wearing Ketu Mani are seen doing exceptionally well as teachers, professors, astrologers, occultists, writers, tarot readers, and psychic readers.

Your decisions & actions become intuitively analytical – a higher level of maturity. Since Ketu is the Karka of detachment, positively, it detaches you from unnecessary people, thoughts, emotions, and desires so you may live life with more clarity, without expectations, and hurtful feelings. In short, it develops the power of letting go!

How to wear a Natural Ketu Mukta Mani?
  • Acquire it on any auspicious day and mount it in the silver metal.
  • Worship it with flowers, Chandan, Dhup & Dheep.
  • Chant Ketu Mantra (Om Kem Ketave Namha) 108 times by holding Natural Ketu Mukta Mani.
  • Wear it with an intent of healthy, prosperous, spiritual, and obstacle-free life.
  • If you cannot wear it, keep it in the Puja room, under the pillow or in your room.

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