Moissanite Gemstone

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Moissanite exalts Venus, enhances the beauty, gives healthy skin, makes life highly luxurious, improves love life, gets success in the creative & artistic fields, improves sex life, increases fertility, grants progeny, and adds charm to the personality.

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Moissanite is a charismatic stone rich with the attributes of Venus. Imitating diamond, this opulent stone gives strong competition to the expensive diamond in terms of lustre, price, appearance, attraction, and benefits.This immense crystal bolsters charm in life and all its aspects. The wearer attains all luxuries, abundance, wealth, beauty, and pleasures. Moissanite is a source of living a lavished and materialistic life.

What is the astrological significance of planet Venus?

Venus is the preceptor of demons and is against Jupiter. It’s a favourite planet because of the blessings it confers such as love, beauty, wealth, pleasure, fame, etc. For an ideal appearance, demeanour, and lifestyle, planet Venus must be benefic in the horoscope.

Auspicious events such as marriage, childbirth, love affair, sensuality, etc. come under the attributes of the planet, Venus. A person with a strong Venus in the horoscope has beautiful features, sensuous nature, a luxurious lifestyle, and an attractive personality. It as well gives fine taste in clothes, Jewellery, perfumes, accessories, cosmetics, arts, etc.

If Venus is in a malefic position in the horoscope, it creates problems in married life, delays in marriage & and childbirth, loss of libido, business losses, controversies, image defaming, and less or no material pleasures. It creates problems with or because of the opposite sex. Additionally, it gives diseases like anaemia, weak sexual organs, low libido, ovaries, eyes, mucous membranes, diabetes, kidney disorders, and gout. It may probably put one in extreme habits of eating, drinking, womanizing, sex or drugs.

People affected by the malefic effects of Venus shall wear good quality and flawless Moissanite mounted in silver. It lessens the ill effects of Venus and receives positive effects by fetching its grace.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Moissanite Stone?
  • It makes you happy-go-lucky, positive, and prosperous.
  • It helps you aim higher and achieve both success and recognition in the chosen field.
  • It makes your personality pleasing, charming, and attractive.
  • It is a boon for the love life; not only it attract the desired partner but removes problems in the love life.
  • It is as well an apt remedy to strengthen the bond between the husband and wife; it never lets the relationship get mundane and keeps the romance ignited between the couples.
  • It instils within you the creative and artistic qualities which reflect in your personality and work.
  • It is highly beneficial for sex life as it helps you reach the full orgasm also treats sexual disorders both in men and women.
  • It removes obstacles, problems, and delays in childbirth and helps couples in conceiving.
  • It establishes an emotional balance and prevents oversensitivity; it keeps you mentally and emotionally happy by attracting the right sort of people in life.
  • It is a matchless remedy for business success; it attracts profitable deals, people and opportunities in business.
  • It fetches luxuries, comforts, servants, vehicles, and pleasures in ample.
  • It works on your appearance and blesses you with a slender waist, beautiful features, fair complexion, and articles of beauty.
  • It does not let you be bereft of money and resources.
  • It improves your taste in music, dressing, food, and communication.
  • It makes your personality rememberable with which, you leave a positive impact wherever you go.
  • With the grace & optimistic energy of this stone, your aura gets cleansed, thus, worth breathing/living in.
  • With this magical stone, you can manifest all your material desires.
  • It keeps you in pink health so you may enjoy the worldly pleasures to the fullest; as a healing stone, it treats ailments like diabetes, kidney disorders, eye-related problems, skin problems, and adrenal glands.
In which metal to wear Moissanite?

Tridhatu (Gold + Silver + Copper) is suitable to mount the Moissanite.

In which finger to wear Moissanite gemstone?

Prefer to wear Moissanite on the index finger.

What are the other methods to wear Moissanite?
  • Wear it as a bracelet.
  • Wear it around the neck.
  • Keep it in the purse or pocket.
  • Keep it under the pillow or mattresses.
What is the Mantra for Moissanite?

Mantra: “Aum Shum Shukraye Namah Aum”

Chant the given mantra 16,000 times to charge the Moissanite.

How to wear Moissanite? How to charge Moissanite?
  • Bring the Moissanite on a Friday in Bharni, Purva Phalguni or Purvakshad Nakshatra. You may also bring it when Venus is in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces. The morning between sunrises to 11:00 am is the ideal time to bring it.
  • The Moissanite shall be a minimum 1rattika in weight. If you can afford it, buy the Moissanite one or one-half carats in weight.
  • In the same Hora, make the Moissanite fixed in a ring made up of silver, gold, or platinum. Make certain the back of the ring is open so the stone could touch the skin of the finger of the wearer.
  • Once the ring is ready, put it in raw milk of cow for some time – wash it with the holy water of Ganga, rainwater, spring water or water kept in the copper pot overnight – place the ring on a white cloth on which the Venus Yantra has been drawn using the rice-paste and saffron – place the Venus Yantra engraved on a silver plate of about 7 grams in weight on the same cloth – offer Tilak, flowers, incense, perfume, and a ghee lamp.
  • Recite the mentioned mantra either 108 or 16,000 times.
  • Sit on a white woollen Asana facing east or southeast while performing the worship/rites.
  • Meditate on the ring assuming it symbol of Venus.
  • Wear the ring on the middle finger of either hand. You may also wear it on your little finger.
  • Once done with the rites, cover the Yantra in white cloth and donate it to the priest or keep it in the worship room.
What are the preventions for Moissanite?
  • Remove it before taking a bath.
  • Remove it before sleeping.
Refund Policy

If you are refunding the gemstone after opening its seal packing, then we are rightful to deduct an amount of 350 to 1500 INR. To avoid such deduction, you have to send us the item with an authenticity certificate from a nearby government approved laboratory.

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14 reviews for Moissanite Gemstone


    I ordered 3-4 carts option and hope I get natural one , because most of 99% Moisannite are lab grown…If provides natural one then It would be exceptional deal for me

  2. Abhishek Dutta

    Shall I wear Yellow Sapphire in rt hand index finger and Moissanite in left hand middle finger??

  3. Shatrughan Kumar

    Kya Mujhe ring Mein bna kr MIL silver Mein MIL skta hein Moissanite stone finger size 22. ???

  4. Kousick Banerjee (verified owner)

    Hello sir.. Recently wear Mossainite in middle finger in silver after energizing, very beautiful gem sir..thank you, hope it will give positivity in all aspects of life 🙏🙏🙏🙏My challenging number is 6 means venus energy.. Remedies like gems, puja or rudraksha shouldn’t be done!!! Is it true?? Kindly add Peridot gem in gemstone collections. It’s a very good gem for mercury along with green aventurine. Sir as per calculator green jade but i choose green aventurine.. Maine thik kiya sir??

    • Rahul Kaushl

      For mercury green jade and green aventurine both are good. You can take either of them. Wearing Venus remedy does not mean you cannot perform any Puja.

  5. Kousick Banerjee (verified owner)

    Thank you by heart sir… One more query my master number 2 origin number 1 , wearing rudraksh crystal bracelet which gives me phenomenal results… What other bracelet & rudraksh should I wear for better life in all aspects(health, marital life & job ( legal jobs under different nationalized banks under lawyers) ( wearing 6 mukhi only) .

    • Rahul Kaushl

      For added auspiciousness, you can wear a Blue Magnesite Turquoise Bracelet and get a lucky signature.

  6. Kousick Banerjee (verified owner)


    • Rahul Kaushl

      It is up to you how many remedies of the same planet you wish to wear.

  7. Kousick Banerjee

    Agar venus debillieted aur combust bhi ho tab Mossainite yaa phir white crystal mala which one should I go for?? Kindly address my issue at your earliest sir.. Plzz plzz

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Wear Crystal Sphatik Bracelet temporarily.

  8. Kousick Banerjee

    Great sir… So its an real authentic semi of diamond which can give tangible results… Not opal or white topaz… This is the real look a like diamond which same chemical composition more or less, same SG, Ri… Will definitely go for 👍👍👍

  9. Kousick Banerjee

    After wearing for 82 days i am going to reveal :- Rudraksha Crystal Bracelet & 6 mukhi(37 days) :- my glucose level(Hba1c) coming down from 7.9 to 5.6 … Incredible moreover I am gaining healthy weight.. It’s really an incredible bracelet, that’s why it is called mother of all bracelet. Sir Mossainite 99% cases are lab grown means not earth mined… Is it earth mined /natural fully? Is it any astrological effects?? Kindly clarify.

    • Rahul Kaushl

      In 99% of cases, we only sell natural moissanite, in rare cases if natural is not available we sell lab-made and mention it on-site page when the user is ordering.

  10. Shelly Mukesh Jain (verified owner)

    It certainly improves the financial condition.

  11. Nimita Sindhi (verified owner)

    Money-oriented stone. Must to wear especially for girls.

  12. Tanya Bajaj (verified owner)

    It treated my skin and health problems. I love this powerful and beautiful stone.

  13. Sakshi Damani (verified owner)

    It charms its luck in every area of life. It has improved my earnings and love life.

  14. Bhavwa Kulkarni (verified owner)

    Cheap & best substitute for diamond. Above all authenticcccccccc

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