Shri Ketu Yantra

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Gets business success, lessens unnecessary wandering, takes on the spiritual path, enables divine experiences, calms the mind, brings peace, gets success in the occult field, and overcomes difficulties.

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Ketu is a mysterious planet. It is a planet of luck and magic. It is also associated with one’s religious/spiritual views. When benefic, Ketu blesses with health, happiness, spiritual awakening, and foreign travels. If malefic, it causes obstacles, health issues, neuron issues, and misfortune. To please Ketu, Shri Ketu Yantra shall be duly worshipped.

Benefits of Shri Ketu Yantra:
  • It exalts the planet Ketu.
  • It activates/augments the energies of Number 7.
  • It compensates for the missing energies of Number 7.
  • It supports during the personal Year 7 or Ketu Dasha.
  • It lessens unnecessary wandering.
  • It calms the mind and brings peace.
  • It helps you win over enemies & rivals.
  • It takes you on the spiritual path.
  • It gets success in the occult field.
  • It gets you success in business.
  • It prevents skin issues caused by the malefic Ketu.
  • It removes obstacles from long-distance journeys or foreign travels.
  • It helps in attaining salvation and introduces to true bliss.
  • It gives strength to deal with and overcome difficulties.
  • It gets you divine experiences.
How to establish Shri Ketu Yantra:
  • Establish it in your home, worship room, office or workplace.
  • Get up early in the morning, take a bath, and wear clean clothes.
  • Offer it Dhup, Deep & flowers.
  • Chant any Ketu Mantra 11, 51 or 108 times.
  • View/worship it every day.
Age Group

0 – 80




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Female, Male, Unisex






Lab Certified, Occultmaster Assurance


05 – 09 Grams

3 reviews for Shri Ketu Yantra

  1. manojsoni.snp

    Namaskar guruji

    meri dob 04 01 1991 time 10 30am hai
    mujhe kya use krna chahiye ……

    tiger eye bracelet, yahu yantra, ketu yantra, iron ring shani yantra aur anything else pls suggest best, i am suffering with job loss, earned money gone and credit issues since last 30 months.
    Parnam guruji
    manoj soni

  2. maklalwani165 (verified owner)

    Thank u sirjii🙏

  3. maklalwani165 (verified owner)

    Sir ketu yantra ko puja ghar me rakh sakte he ?
    Or rakh sakte he to kese rakhe or konsi disha me rakhe or uski puja kese kre? Or kab kre
    Plz ans

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Keep it anywhere in the puja room. Chant Ketu Mantra.

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