Cancer Yearly Horoscope For 2026

Cancer Yearly Horoscope For 2026

“Free Cancer Yearly Horoscope For 2026″

This Year, Saturn would remain in Pisces Sign Ninth House. Up to November 25, Rahu would be in Aquarius Sign Eighth House and offer that it transits Capricorn Sign Seventh House. In the first half of the year, Jupiter would be in Gemini Sign Twelfth House and on June 02, it transits Cancer Sign Second House. On October 31, Jupiter would enter Leo Sing Second House by having rapid motion. This year, Mars would propagate at its normal pace. In the beginning of the year, up to February 01, Venus would remain Combust and also October for fourteen days.


First half of the year would yield mixed results as regard to entrepreneurship. In the beginning of the year, due to transitory effect of Jupiter in Twelfth House, a considerable gain from profession would not be pocketed. You shall have to put into endless efforts for achieving success in domain of your work. Your latent foes could create obstacles and problems in your work because Rahu is posited in Eighth House. Hence you should maintain self-confidence during this interval do not start any venture at this time. Run your pre-existing business is a planned and smooth way. This year would be of average favor for natives in service.

After June 02, time period is turning towards better side. The aspectual effect of Jupiter on Seventh House would cause a handsome gain from your business. You would receive whole hearted cooperation from officials and senior persons. Jupiter in Ascendant would inculcate novel thoughts and planning and you would have notable advancement in your business by availing these thoughts and plans.

Wealth, Property

First half of the year would be moderately auspicious for economic perspective. Jupiter in Twelfth House would cause hindrance in inflow. This might be a factor for low economic progress. You should not make any investment or lend money to anybody during this period otherwise there is not indications for getting the lend money back. But you would have some gains from maternal uncle side.

This period is turning towards positive side after transit of Jupiter. At that time you could receive your blocked wealth/money. The aspectual effect of Jupiter on Seventh House would become a factor for having gains from wife or friends or they would fully cooperate for improving the economic status. You might spend money for enhancing activities for your business. You would incur expenditure for your physical comforts and conveniences. After October 31, you would be recipient for gem stones and ornaments etc. and gains from in-laws side.

House, Family and Society

This year would be moderately auspicious for family perspective. Due to aspect of Jupiter on Fourth House, family conformity would prevail. A feeling of mutual cooperation among the members of the family would culminate which adds to an environment of peace and harmony in the family. You would have excellent relations with your maternal uncle side. There could be disharmony in opinions with in-laws side because of Rahu is posited in Eighth House.

After June 02, time period would be very much favorable. There would be solemnization of marriage of your son/daughter or celebration of some auspicious ceremony in your family. You would have a pivotal role in accomplishing these activates. Since Jupiter has aspectual effect on Seventh House, so you would have melodious relation with your wife. This year would provide you average effects with regard to social status and prestige.


First half of the year would not be favorable for children point of view. Due to aspectual effect of Rahu on Jupiter in Twelfth House, there could be some worries related to children. Health and education of your children might be adversely affected. So be very cautious for their health.

After June 02, time period would have favorable flow of wind due to transitory effect of Jupiter. At that time, your children would climb the ladder of success by dint of their hard work. They would be more inclined towards their studies. This time period is auspicious for newlyweds to conceive for a baby. This time period is also auspicious for your second child. If he/she is of marriageable age then he/she might get married during this time period.


First half of the year would generally not be auspicious for health perspective. Jupiter posited in Twelfth House might cause ups and down for your health. Diabetics need to observe a regimen very strictly. Because of Jupiter in an Airy Sign, there could be communicable, respiratory and stomach related disorders.

After June 02, Jupiter would transit Ascendant and hence improvement in your health condition would begin at that time. You would remain mentally balanced and physically fit.

Career and Competition

First half of the year would be highly favorable for competitive examination perspective. Due to combined aspectual effect of Jupiter and Saturn on Sixth House, the examiner for competitive examination would have their desired success. The unemployed natives could get employment in the beginning of the year.

After June 02, time interval would see rising sun for students. You would be at highest pedestal in the field of education. If you are desirous of having higher education you might seek admission in a high profile educational institution. Time period is quite favorable for technical and professional education.

Travel and Transfer

First half of the year would motivate for journeys. Jupiter in Twelfth House is a signpost for foreign journey. During this time period, you could undertake a foreign journey.

After June 02, aspect of Jupiter on Ninth House is an indication for long journeys. Aspect of Saturn on Third House points towards long journeys alongwith short and unimportant journeys.

Religious Deeds and Propitiation of Planets

This year would provide good opportunities for religious activities. Effect of Jupiter posited in Twelfth House and Saturn in Ninth House would provoke you to do more donations and charities. After June 02, Jupiter would transit Ascendant. At that time Jupiter aspects Fifth and Ninth Houses which indicates augmentation of your spiritual knowledge. You would revere your religious instructors and obey their precepts. You would recite “Mantra” and hence add to your spiritual power. Seek blessings of parents, preceptors, hermits, monks and your elders.

  1. onate banana or Laddus of Besan in charity in temples or religious places.
  2. Offer Durva leaves to Ganeshji on Wednesday.

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