Indian Boy Names Starting With W

Indian Boy Names Starting With W


This page has collection of so many baby boys name beginning with alphabet W with meaning of name. The symbol of name beginning with alphabet W is chariot, temple. This alphabet is protected by brahma. Ruling planet of letter W is venus and tattva is earth and rashi of this letter is Vrishabha (Taurus) denoted by bull. This letter has Gemini zodiac sign in western culture but it depends on the birth time and location.

Baby Boy Names Beginning With Alphabet W

Boy’s name Meaning लड़को के नाम अर्थ
Wuar Fire उूआर आग
Wafid Sky वफीड आकाश
Wafiq Successful, Triumphant वफ़ीक़ सफल
Wafir Plenty वाफ़िर खूब
Walad Father वलद पिता
Waman Short वमन कम
Warsi Lovable वारसी प्यारा
Warun Water वरुण पानी
Wyaat Warrior व्याट योद्धा
Wafeeq Successful वफ़ीक़ सफल
Wamika God वामिका परमेश्वर
Wishal Strong, Big विशाल बलवान, बड़ा
Wedansh King वेदंश राजा
Warinder Lord of the Ocean वारिंदर महासागर के भगवान


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