Pa Kua Mirror

Pa Kua Mirror

Pa Kua MirrorPa Kua Mirror

Mirrors are used frequently as FengShui cures and the Magic Mirror is one of them. It is a simple mirror and used for protection, for purification or for transforming negative energies to positive. The procedure to use the Magic Mirror is as follows:

The mirror should be in round in shape and should be big enough to fit in the palm of the hand and it should also have a handle to make it easy to use.

Allow the sun to reflect through the mirror while keeping it in your hand.

Keep your eyes down while doing this, hence seeing sun directly can be harmful for eyes.

Tilt the mirror in such a way in your hand so that the sun’s reflection does not fall on you and anyone else as this could cause burns.

The reflection of the sun should be maximum for nine seconds or for six seconds if facing problem to hold mirror.

When this procedure is over then the magic mirror is ready to use. For space purifying purpose, you can move around with the mirror in all rooms of your house and then take the mirror outside to make it shine in the sun, when the mirror is reflected in the rooms it captures negativity and after each use the mirror has to be held against sun so that it becomes purified again and neutralizes energy. Similarly in office where there is lot of competition and people bearing malice towards you, a magical mirror can be used. This would capture malicious intentions towards you and neutralize it.