Pisces Yearly Horoscope For 2025

Pisces Yearly Horoscope For 2025

“Free Pisces Yearly Horoscope For 2025″

In the beginning of the year Saturn would be in 12th house in Aquarius and Rahu would be in ist in Pisces and on 29th March Saturn would move into 1st house in Pisces. On 30th May Rahu would move into Aquarius in 12th house. In the beginning of the year Jupiter would be in 3rd house in Taurus and on 14th May it would move into Gemini in 4th house and after that it would enter into sign Cancer in 5th house with rapid motion and then again it would move into Gemini sign in 4th house on 5th December.


This year would bring in average results for your work and you shall be facing difficulties in the accomplishment of your tasks. You shall have to avoid laziness and work smartly. Inspite of your hard struggle you won’t be able to get substantial success.

After May the time period is auspicious for strengthening your professional life as a result of which you would be able to do better at least to regain your confidence. You shall also be getting the support of your seniors. Avoid risk especially in investment.

Wealth, Property

Financially it won’t be an excellent year and in spite of inflow of money the transit of Saturn and Rahu would be creating extra difficulties in the consolidation of your financial position.

After 14th May there are chances of betterment and development in matters related to house, property and vehicle.

House, Family and Society

The transit of Jupiter promises betterment not only in the attainment of social reputation but also in the restoration of family atmosphere. You would participate in social activities actively.

For family life this year would prove bring in excellent results. After 14th May there shall be an atmosphere of love, laughter, peace, harmony and cooperation in the family.


This year is favorable for the happiness and success of your children. Their health and education would improve certainly.

After 14th May the transit of Jupiter is promising better time for conceiving and child birth. The children of marriageable age might get married.In nutshell the time period is auspicious for the progress, education, happiness and marriage of children.


In the first half of the year you might suffer from health troubles because of the negative transit of Rahu and Saturn as a result of which your health might get deteriorated so you are advised to be cautious about your health. It would be difficult for you to follow a disciplined life style especially in terms of betterment in your diet maintaining curriculum.

The latter half of the year shall be better for improving your healthand immunity. You would try to increase your confidence by doing regular exercise and following a disciplined and nutritious diet chart.

Career and Competition

This year appears to be very average for success in competitive examinations. You shall have to struggle very hard for getting success. Abstain from laziness and laidback attitude.

In the latter half of the year the chances of success in education shall get increased. Employment opportunities are very average.

Travel and Transfer

This is going to be a highly favorable year for journeys. In the beginning of the year you might get opportunities for overseas journeys. You are likely to visit your motherland too.

After the mid of this year the Jupiter’s influence shall result into pilgrimage and long journeys.

Religious Deeds and Propitiation of Planets

In the beginning of the year there are strong probabilities that you might perform Yagya, Hawan, Anushthaan, and other religious ceremonies at home. You will be taking interest in following the guidelines given to you by your spiritual Guru.

  1. Offer Arghya to Sun daily.
  2. Chant Hanuman chalisa on Tuesday.
  3. Chant DurgaKawacham and donate blue articles of use.
  4. Donate black articles of use to poor people on Saturday.
  5. See your face in mustard oil and donate it on Saturday.

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