Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope For 2026

Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope For 2026

“Free Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope For 2026″

This Year, Saturn would remain in Pisces Sign fourth House. Up to November 25, Rahu would be in Aquarius Sign Third House and offer that it transits Capricorn Sign Second House. In the first half of the year, Jupiter would be in Gemini Sign Seventh House and on June 02, it transits Cancer Sign Eighth House. On October 31, Jupiter would enter Leo Sign Ninth House by having rapid motion. This year, Mars would propagate at its normal pace. In the beginning of the year, up to February 01, Venus would remain Combust and also October for fourteen days.


First half of the year would be moderately auspicious for work and profession perspective. You would improve in your business performance due to the effect of Jupiter posited in Seventh House. You would bag cooperation of friends, co-workers and spouse in the field concerning your work. If you are doing business on wheels of partnership, you would be contented with your partner.

After June 02, time period is taking a turn towards adversity. During that time interval, a situation of ups and downs might prevail for your business. So do not initiate any novel entrepreneurship. Run the pre-existing business is a proper way. Jupiter in Eighth House points towards obstacles in business which could be created by your latent foes. Natives engaged in trades related to land or buildings might have losses.

Wealth, Property

First half of the year would harvest a rich crop as regards to economic perspective. Because of aspectual effect of Jupiter on Eleventh House, there would be incessant flow of income. You would engage yourself in accumulating wealth with allegiance. Cooperation of your brothers and spouse would be at your disposal for consolidating the economic status.

After transit of Jupiter, time period would not be so much favorable. Because of adverse transit of both Jupiter and Saturn, your sources of income could be badly affected. During this interval of time, you should not lend money to anybody otherwise its recovery would be well neigh impossible its recovery would be well neigh impossible, this time interval is not sending positive signal for investment. So, you are advised not to make any investment this year.

House, Family and Society

This year would shower moderate blessings for family perspective. In the beginning of the year, you would have melodious relations with your spouse because of effect of Jupiter posited in Seventh House. If you are waiting for your marriage, it could be solemnized. Your social rank and prestige would be augmented.

After June 02, time period would become a bit adverse. Saturn posited in Fourth House could be a factor for landing your family in disharmony. Emotional attachment among the members of the family would be declined. Health of your parents could be adversely affected.


First half of the year would witness favor for the children point of view. Your children would do progress. Their inclination for studies would have ascending trend. They would achieve targets by dint of their destiny. This period is quite favorable for your second child. If your second child is of marriageable, be prepared to solemnize his/her marriage.

After June 02, transit of Jupiter would not be much auspicious. Because of adverse health of your children, their studies could be told upon. They need to put sincere efforts ceaselessly for attaining success. Time period after October 31 would become quite favorable.


First half of the year would be favorable for health perspective. Pious thoughts would culminate in your mind. For maintaining good health your occupation of the day and food habits would remain normal. Since benefic planet has its auspicious effect on Ascendant. So you would stick to vegetarian diet and maintain a sound health.

After June 02, time period would not be supportive for health. You could be affected by weather borne diseases. Jupiter in watery sign posited in Eighth House could cause phlegm, digestive system or stomach related problems. But after October 31, your health would start improving.

Career and Competition

This year would have a crop of average yield as regard to career and competitive examinations. Sincere and ceaseless efforts are to be put in for attaining success. First half of the year would be supportive for students. Time period is favorable for professional and technical education.

After June 02, Time period would start turning towards adversity. At that time, break or hindrances could crop up for your studies. Natives who are still unemployed shall have to wait for some more time to get a job.

Travel and Transfer

This year would produce blossoming crop for journey point of view. Rahu posited in Third House would cause long journeys along with short journeys.

There who are doing service could have their transfers to distant places. This transfer would not be at a desired place. After June 02, due to the aspectual effect of Jupiter on Twelfth House, you would undertake a journey to a foreign land.

Religious Deeds and Propitiation of Planets

This year would be auspicious for religious ceremonies. You would accomplish a fire sacrificial ceremony (Hawan) in association with your life partner. You would also earn virtuous deeds by accomplishing pilgrimages. After June 02, you would not be able to undertake worships and religious deeds because of excessive prior engagements.

  1. Adore sun and offer water every day.
  2. Donate black colored items/articles on Saturday in charity or a Tawa (An iron round plat on which bread is baked).
  3. Donate banana or laddus of Besan to the poor on Thursday observe fast on Thursday.

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