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Gemini Love Sign Compatibility - Matches for Gemini

GEMINI (May 22- June 21)

Sign Man Woman Geminiicon3The natives of this sign, though are not sinister types, have extreme duality in their personality. Being very talkative and argumentative, they play havoc with the nerves of those who need more action than too many words. With their more flirtatious attitude towards the opposite sex, Geminis can be a problem.

Avoid getting into a fight with any Gemini without considerable palaver first as they are the ones who can promote something interesting with their cleverness with words.

As they are gifted with intelligence and speaking ability which help them find both new friends and admirers, they rarely bore you. Because of their flirty nature, often a romantic relation with Gemini takes the form of a roller coaster ride.

But if you are truly interested in a Gemini person, don’t worry too much about their faults, they need something to work off all that nervous energy and love can be just the therapy for them.


Flirtatious, witty, intelligent, charming, your new potential love is also a public speaker and a talker. Because of his nature like devil’s advocate, he loves to argue, to discuss and debate. As he can talk the leg off an iron pot, he use all the verbal tricks in the conversation which may lead you to believe he’s quite the Casanova.

Being flirtatious, women are like a deck of cards for some Gemini men and they give them all quite a shuffle. They can get into relation without really being serious. If a woman is not immediately of personal interest to him, he’ll let her know right away.

The Gemini man is open to experimentation, both mentally and sexually because he likes novelty and will love to talk about sex first before getting down to it and then review it afterwards. In the discussion regarding that, you’ll just have to listen as such discussion take on the character of a monologue. There could be a situation when he won’t say a word about sex but his mind will be previewing and reviewing surely. As a result of their flirty nature, some Gemini men may be of kiss and tell types and can disclose your romantic interludes with his next lady leading to gossip.

Geminis are dual people, something of a Dr. Jekyll-Mr.Hyde personality, the Gemini man in his Dr. Jekyll self is a dream to be with but when Mr. Hyde surfaces, you should watch out, grab your purse and patience and head for the exit, atleast temporarily. With luck, this devilish side will hide soon.

After marriage, it doesn’t mean that woman shuffling days are over, he may marry more than once. In spite of all this, a permanent relationship with a Gemini man is guaranteed to be free from boredom as he’ll always be as interesting as he is changeable.


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