Tsai ShenYeh

Tsai ShenYeh

Tsai ShenYehTsai ShenYeh

In symbolic FengShui, one of the most popular Gods that symbolize wealth is Tsai ShenYeh and is depicted as sitting on a tiger. His rob is shown as having a dragon motif which again is a sign of prosperity and good fortune. It can be placed in the living room and this prevents you from having bad luck and poverty and in good times it brings wealth too.

This God of wealth should be placed in such a way that he faces the main door directly or diagonally. Tsai ShenYeh is a powerful god and is sometimes shown as carrying a symbolic gold ingot and a bundle of coins. On the other hand, he carries a staff with all the precious symbols. Displaying the image of this God in the bedroom is considered very inauspicious.

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