Vaastu Tips for the Couples Bedroom

Vaastu Tips for the Couples Bedroom

Vaastu Tips for the Couples Bedroom Vaastu Tips for the Couples Bedroom

Vaastu Shastra is the age old science of construction and designs. Because of its proven benefits, it is being implemented in every field of architecture. The electromagnetic waves are responsible for a large part of our mood and the day to day activities. Vaastu Shastra helps us to resolve the issues and benefit the one under its powers. People get married and hope for a joyful married life. Unfortunately, some are not blessed and for them, the divine experience of marriage turns sour. Researchers have shed light upon the fact that more than 75% (three- fourths) of the people who suffered a failure in marital life did not have a house which was built with the rules of the Vaastu. This proves the fact that a wrong Vaastu structure can bring the negative energy into one’s life. The only effective solution to this would be to avoid this by building structures which are prefect when it comes to Vaastu. For a successful and lovely marital life, here are some of the tips for Vaastu in a couple’s bedroom:

The Structure

The couple’s bedroom is all about the chemistry between the husband and the wife. Hence, Vaastu enhances the love between them. It catalyses the bond sharing between the two and bring cheerfulness. The advantages of having a bedroom crafted with perfection in Vaastu are: Long life, better understanding. The bedroom should be constructed in the south west direction of the house. No other direction should be chosen since no compromise can be made with the happiness of a couple in the bedroom. Discarding this advice might lead to clashes in the house, between the couple and many more unnecessary problems. The bed is the most important portion of a bedroom. It is the place where complete peace of mind can be achieved. It should be kept in the south west direction of the bedroom. Placing bed in the east or north would only lead to ill health and financial stress. While sleeping on the bed, please make sure that the head is directed towards the south. Ideally, the bed should be made up of strong wood and metal should be avoided because wood soothes the body while a metal bed houses diseases and many germs. Also, the shape of the bed matters a lot. Always try to make a regular shaped bed. Rectangle is the best shape for a bed as described by the Vaastu Shastra.

The Room

The walls should be painted with cheerful colors like pink, blue, green and white. Heavy colors like red and brown should be avoided as they induce a sense of disturbance into the mind. It is be an absolute necessity to make sure that the bed is not under a beam. If so, it should be rectified immediately. There should not be any mirror in a couples bedroom since ancient studies emphasized the fact that a mirror shows the negativity of an individual. Last but not the least, cheerful paintings should be hung in the bedroom.