Virgo- Lucky Gemstone, Features, Mantra?

Virgo Lucky Gemstone, Virgo Mantra, Virgo Subtitute Stone,Virgo Recommended Stone

Virgo- Lucky Gemstone, Features, Mantra?

Name started by letter Ta, Pa, Pi, Pu, Sha, Nha, Tha, Pe, Po

Virgo- Lucky Gemstone, Features, MantraThis sun-sign is owned by planet Mercury. Native’s having this sun-sign is good at commanding and speaking too. These people are hardworking, intelligent, and are highly educated. Native’s having Virgo as a sun-sign should wear Emerald stone

Recommended Stone– Emerald

Subtitute Stone-Green onex, Green Jade, Turquoise, Green Agate.

About Emerald

icon1This stone is green coloured and is called as dry stone. Chemical composition of emerald is Potassium, Sodium, and lilium. Emerald is ruled by planet Mercury. It must have spider web structure in it, if its not there then it is not the real emerald. It is mostly found in Pakistan, India and Brazil.

Its Features and Imporatnce

icon1After wearing Emerald, all the faults related to planet Mercury loose malfeasance. It is good for married life, gives child to childless couple and good in increasing wealth. Native’s having sun-sign Gemini and Virgo can wear this stone. It shows good results in studies, enhances memory and eyesight. It gives boost to confidence level, stabilizes mind also and it helps to removes the problems like asthma, and stammering of a person. It is good to cure chest diseases, paralysis fits, epilepsy and is good tonic for all types of deficiencies.

How to wear Gem Stone?

icon1Emerald should be of minimum 5 Rattis. It is recommended to wear emerald in Gold, silver and platinum. It is to be worn on Wednesday by washing it with fresh milk and holy water. It is to be wear before 11am.

Mantra in english

Om Braan Breen Bron sah Budhaye namah.

Mantra in hindi

ऊं ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं स: बुधाय नम:

Note: The day emerald is worn; it shows its effects till 3 years.